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    Max McCal

    Hey, Tom - 

    Have you spoken to our Support team to report a bug yet? It seems to work for me in a quick test, but it's possible we have some errors we need to fix.

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    Brian Cechony

    I am not seeing the 'Default' checkbox in my options when I am creating or updating the Organization drop-downs. Is there something that must be done to enable this feature?

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    Max McCal

    @Intis - That's something we're interested in as well, but we don't have any plans yet. 

    @Brian - This applies only to Ticket Fields at the moment, not User or Organization fields.

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    Intis Kalnins

    Will there ever be a way to reorder ticket fields on ticket forms? The default (system) fields always appear at the top and in our case it makes no sense in the way we structure our forms.

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    Tom De Carlo


    This would be a very useful feature, but it seems pretty buggy.

    When I set a default for a custom Drop-down and then try adding a new ticket, I only see the ticket field pre-filled less than 10% of the time.

    But if I refresh the page before saving, I will get the error that the ticket cannot be found (since it has not been created yet), but if you look behind the message overlay, you can see the field was filled in then.

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