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Support data is synced with Insights and stored in multiple tables, which are known as data objects. There are separate tables for Tickets, Ticket Updates, Ticket backlog, Users, Organizations, etc.


Data objects are interconnected through connection points. The connection point is a special attribute, which is a unique identifier for each row of data within the table. For example, Ticket ID is the connection point for the Ticket object.


Data model

The data model shows the relationship between each dataset and its attributes and facts in Insights. Understanding the data model is crucial for the building of meaningful metrics and reports. You can find the data model using the steps below. 

To review the GoodData data model

  1. Click the Reporting icon in the agent interface, then open the Insights tab. 
  2. Click the GoodData link in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click Manage, then select Data > Model.


Here is a simplified data model representation:

Unconnected data objects

Not all data objects are linked in the data model. That’s why there is no way to use facts or attributes that are part of unconnected objects on the same report. You've probably already observed that when you select a metric in What, some of the attributes are greyed out. This is because these attributes are not connected with the metric you selected.

For example:

  • # Ticket metric can be sliced by the Organization attribute because they are connected through the User object.
  • # Ticket Updates metric can’t be sliced by the Ticket Tag attribute because they are not linked. 
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