Why can't I download apps?

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  • Jamie Lingwood

    Then why not say that when it fails to install? Instead of a very cryptic "The resource doesn't exist." which forces people to go investigate why they can't install an App.

    How about, "Sorry, Apps aren't available on an Essential plan." ... and state this clearly on the Channel Integrations page:

    Channel integrations

    Zendesk Support offers additional channels for you to set up and use. You can communicate with your customers on almost any platform anywhere on the web by installing Channels Apps. These channels allow agents to respond to messages, reviews and comments the same way as they answer any ticket. Agent comments are sent back to the service through integrations built by Zendesk and app developers. You can also build your own.

    You can install new Channel Integrations in the Zendesk App Marketplace

    Why not make more?
    You don't have any channel integrations set up yet. You can add new integrations through the Zendesk App Marketplace to connect with your customers through channels anywhere on the web.
  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Jamie - 

    I suspect the reasoning is because there are a few exceptions. 

    I'll flag your feedback for the Product Managers and documentation teams, since they don't regularly read the notes over here. 

  • Christine Berry

    I have downloaded an app called ClickHelp. It shows up on ticket, however when I type something (anything) into search it give me this error.

    An error occurred. Please contact your system administrator.

    I am the Administrator.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Christine!

    Without being able to see anything specific, my educated guess is that there's an error somewhere in the configuration of the app in your account. Unfortunately there aren't any instructions in the app store listing on how to configure the app so I can't identify any obvious places where it would be easy to make an error...have you double checked all the settings or tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?


    Edit: It also looks like ClickHelp supports this app themselves, so if you're still stuck it might be helpful to contact them. Their contact info is on the listing in the app marketplace!


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