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This guide will walk you through the installation and integration of the Google Play Channel, focusing on the part that happens outside Zendesk - namely, the steps taking place in the Google Developer Console.

If you need instructions on downloading, installing, and setting up the integration within Zendesk, please see Channel Integrations: Google Play integration.


*This guide assumes that the integration is installed on your account, and you have followed all the instructions to make it operational. We will then move forward and skip directly to the part where you need to operate in the Google Developer Console.

1. Access your Developer Console, then click the Settings > API access option on the left:
2. Click the Create Service Account button:

3. When you click Create Service Account, the following pop-up appears, describing a series of tasks. I'll walk you through those tasks in the following steps:
    • Click the Google API Console link. You will be redirected to a section of the Developer Console dedicated to manage the REST API Google makes available for its products. Proceed by clicking + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.
    • Once you have created a Service Account, the next step is to configure it as following:
*Note: The Service Account ID is automatically generated when you click + CREATE A SERVICE ACCOUNT.
    • Choose a name for your Service Account (any name will do). Then, click the Select a role drop-down menu and select Project > Owner. This role will have full access to the integration, as explained while choosing the option. 
    • Once you select a role, new options will appear, and, as explained above. Choose a JSON Key Type, by clicking on Furnish a new private Key. The final configuration should look like this:
    • Click Create, and we are done with the Google API Console!
VERY IMPORTANT: Once you've clicked Create, because you have chosen a JSON Key Type, a file with a .json extension will be downloaded to your machine. Store that file, as we will need it later on!
**This is the final result**
4. Back in the Developer Console, click Finished in the pop-up. The newly created Service Account will appear:
5. We now want to make sure our Service Account has the right permissions to access our Zendesk. To do so, we need to click on Grant Access, and associate what is defined as User in this context:
6. Once you've clicked Grant Access, a pop-up appears, listing a number of permissions you may or may not grant to your User.
According to the role you choose, different permissions will be automatically ticked. 
We recommend keeping the default permissions for the selected role (in our case, Customer service), making sure not to skip the Reply to reviews one.
Once done, click on Add User button.
7. The newly created user will now appear in Settings > User accounts & rights:
8. We are ready to go back to Zendesk now. In your Zendesk, click the Admin icon (), then select Channels > Channel Integrations. 
9. Click the Accounts tab, and then click Add account.
A pop-up window appears, asking you to fill in some fields, such as the App Name and the App ID. Most importantly, upload the JSON key we've previously downloaded above by clicking Choose file, then browsing your computer and selecting the file. Click Save Changes when you're done.
This part can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to App Name and App ID. The App Name can be any name, no restrictions applied.
If you are uncertain about what data to use, visit the Developer Console, particularly All applications section, or by click on your app.
Regardless, you will see the following information:
10. Once we have all the information, and we've filled in the form, all is left to do is to upload our json file by clicking Choose File, then clicking Save Changes.
There is no expected successful message.
If you don't encounter any errors, the integration has been installed correctly, and you will see it in your Accounts tab:
That's it!
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    How fast are the reviews imported into Zendesk?

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    Hello Vassilios,

    This may vary, as it depends on a number of factors (API response-time, network's speed, just to name a few).

    During my testing, the comments migrated from the Play Store to my Zendesk account in few minutes, the time for the servers to process the various http requests.

    Any delay or behaviour out of what just described should be checked, but on a case-by-case basis, as the variable sin play are quite numerous.

    Hope this answers your question!

    Feel free to let me know if you need to discuss this further.


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