Insights recipe: Tickets created by agents or end-users

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  • Jenna
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    This article would be more helpful if I was able to pause the video. I've watched it probably 20 times trying to follow along and have missed parts trying to do what the video is doing at the same time. It's proven to be really frustrating.... especially since the report I created at the end still is not correct. 

  • Christopher C.
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    I am trying to calculate my first reply time, but I want to limit it to tickets coming only from customers and not from agents sending customers emails. Currently the first reply time metric is calculating both front office agents answering customer emails (which is correct) but then it is also counting backoffice emails sent to customers (which should not be counted). I tried filtering using the "User Role is end-user" but it is still counting my backoffice emails. How can I limit it to ONLY emails or calls from customers?



  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hey Christopher!

    I see that you asked about this in another thread as well. I've pinged our Community Moderators to see if they are able to help me out.


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