Can I create a folder to drag/drop tickets into? Follow


Can I create a folder to drag/drop tickets into, similar to an email inbox?


Instead of folders, Zendesk Support uses views to sort tickets. Views are similar to inbox folders in that they help organize your messages, but they do not behave in an identical manner, and tickets can't be dragged and dropped to appear in a view. You must instruct a view to check for some ticket attributes, then make sure the tickets you want to appear in that view are tagged. The most efficient way to do this is to use a ticket tag, then create a view that displays tickets with that tag.

 To create a view displaying tickets with a specific tag

  1. Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Manage > Views
  2. Click Add view
  3. Under Meets all of the following conditions, add these conditions:
    • Ticket: Tags > contains at least one of the following > [tag of your choice]
    • Ticket: Status [status of your choice]
  4. Save the new view.
  5. Tag the tickets you want to appear in that view with the tag specified in the view conditions. You can manually tag them, or add the tag via macro, bulk update tickets (see Managing tickets in bulk), or trigger/automation. 

Keep in mind that ticket tags are not the only ticket attribute you can instruct a view to check for. For more information on creating and managing views, see Using views to manage ticket workflow.


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