Can I require a field to be set before moving to a status other than solved?

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  • Michael Dennis

    Thanks for the workaround to a significant deficiency in Zendesk.  As a workaround it has many holes and significant consequences.

    We are using the Jira Integration with Zendesk.  It will NOT update Zendesk Tickets where a Field is set to required.  

    I can set those fields to be required for Users, but I cannot set them as truly required for Agents.  With this workaround I can nag them, but ultimately they can ignore it and that will cause the notifications we've setup from Jira to fail to update the Zendesk Ticket. 

    For us these notifications send an email to the Customer and solve the Ticket.  Having that be unreliable, defeats the whole purpose of the integration.

    Is there really no other solution to enabling these fields to be required for an Agent for other Statuses?

  • Amber Barnes

    I agree, I would consider this a significant deficiency and the workaround is unreliable, especially when working in a company where we have hundreds of agents that aren't expected (or scheduled) to use email other than Zendesk, so notifications aren't effective.

    We were previously using Cloudset application to manage ticket fields which was awesome and by design did not allow agents to submit in any statuses without the required fields filled in. We had to migrate to Zendesk native solution due to cost.



  • Kilian Eitzenberger

    I agree. We use Zendesk in our sales process. Basicaly we calculate in another program first and then copy multiple informations from sales offers into ticket fields. This happens way before a ticket is closed.

    If someone forgets information (for example an offer number from) we can not find the ticket anymore. Mandatory field function does not help here. The workaround solution is ok but still a workaround...

  • Thomas de Silva

    Hi guys.


    Please take a look at this app:


    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva

    Zendesk Consultant @

  • Samuel Mosher

    This is a pretty big oversight on Zendesk's part. In conjunction with the Conditional Fields, there is no way to force an agent to complete the "top" level field when submitting a ticket. For example:

    Field 1: What would you like assistance with today? <<< Can only be set to Required when Solve. Require to submit is overridden by Conditional Fields. Conditional Fields does not have any option to just "require" a field based on ticket form, only on values of other tickets.

    Field 1 value: "Potato Chips"

    Field 2: What was wrong with your chips? <<< Can be set to required for agents and end users by conditioning Field 1 value

    In short, there is no way to force an agent who is acting as an end-user to populate anything on a ticket until it is solved. And since the end-user agent is not the one who is solving the ticket (in our instance), they aren't on the hook to do anything - ever. It adds exceptional overhead for our agents to backfill this info because we can't force the original agent to populate those top-level fields.

    Our use case is an internal workforce using Zendesk, and not for external users. Also, a paid solution at $1/agent/mo is not feasible nor scalable for something that should be included. If you can require agents to submit certain fields on conditions, then you should be able to require them to submit certain fields, period.

  • Andy R

    We've been using Zendesk for a while now and as our company grows we have the need for more process oriented ways of working on issues.

    My experience is that it is incredibly hard to configure Zendesk to align with those needs.

    Just one example:

    Let's say we need to provide a reason for selecting Urgent priority so that the reason is provided in an outgoing message to the whole team we have no way (that I am aware of) of ensuring that the agent remembers to do it before the ticket is saved/submitted. It might be done by setting up multiple triggers and conditions but it makes our life so much difficult..

    In my opinion we need the option to NOT being able to save/submit a ticket before all visible required fields are populated.

    Zendesk likes to bash other ticket management tools for being too complicated, well, some tools might also be too simple which in this case Zendesk really is. 

  • Edward Ionescu

    I think ZD is a great product and we're happy using it. 

    However, it has some things which can be improved, For example, we want to allow our customers to know why the ticket is in Pending state and we want to be able to make filling a field mandatory when changing the state of a ticket. Filling in a field can be easily missed by a busy consultant. Getting an email is not the best option.

    I see this as a really small change, as ZD already have the code for when you put the ticket in Solved state. Would this be solved in a future update or you are not looking into improving the current behaviour? 


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Edward -

    Thanks for your feedback. We can't speak to whether or not functionality along these lines will be included in a future update, but we'll be sure your comment (and the other comments in the thread) are shared with the product team for consideration.

  • Dylan Tragjasi
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    The recently released native conditional fields functionality has made it possible for certain ticket fields to be required in order to submit a ticket for all statuses.

    This allows you to display and mark specific ticket fields as required for all statuses based on whether or not another field is selected or has a specific value.

    This should help with many use cases. However, as Samuel has mentioned, there is no way to force an agent to complete the “top” level field in your conditional fields configuration when submitting a ticket. There must always be at least one ticket field that cannot be required to submit a ticket for all statuses. 

    For example, in the screenshot below, the "Priority" field is the "top" level field. This particular field cannot be required to submit for all statuses, but the fields that are shown as a result of the "Priority" field being set to "Low" can be:

    This means that, in order to require a "top" level field be completed in order to submit a ticket as new, open, pending, or on-hold, you would still need to create a trigger to notify the assignee to request that the field be completed.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    My team would also benefit from the ability to set mandatory upon statuses other than solved. Here is an outline of the benefit for our team:


    · What would the ideal use case be for this feature addition? What is the context? What is the current workflow that you are using to compensate for this missing feature?

    • The ability to set required fields on not just solved.
    • For context, whenever a known issue is identified in a ticket (when we are waiting on tech ops to solve the issue), our team puts the ticket on hold. Once the issue is resolved, we bulk update the tickets with a response and solve them. But when a mandatory field is not filled out before being put on-hold, the agents have to go into each ticket to identify which ones are missing the fields.

    · Who is this for? How would it impact them? If it were possible, how does it change workflow?

    • All agents responding to tickets on hold for known issues. Reduces handle time by ensuring the required fields are already submitted and preventing bounce back / extra work for the team
    • More accurate linking for reporting purposes as tickets go from pending to solved without fields filled in

    · How many people impacted? How much time/efficiency is lost because of this? How many tickets, % of overall volume, would this be helpful on?

    • All reps: Our experts time most drastically impacted when responding to these known issues. Probably would impact anywhere between 2% - 10% of our volume (whenever a ticket comes in and needs to be placed on hold for a new issue). Could help save the team a significant amount of time when replying.
  • Jamie Noell

    I created a workaround for this capability of having a top-level field "sometimes" required.

    1. Create a custom field called "Make Category Required" (MCR).
    2. Hide the field using Sweethawk's free app (no, I don't work for them)
    3. In a "Field Assign" trigger, set this MCR field to "Required" when tickets are created for the scenario in which we want a field to be required.
    4. Add a condition to our form that when MCR = Required, show the field that needs to be required and using the conditions, set it as required at whatever status (Always or at one or more of the status options - New/Open/Pending/On-Hold/Solved)
  • Edward Ionescu

    We built an app. We can have any kind of field as Required. 

  • Jgarry

    we'd also like this functionality.  agree with others here that Zendesk already accomplishes this for setting status to resolved, so the logic is already there...

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Is there any word on adding the functionality for mandatory fields on other statuses? Our team is growing and the need for this is becoming more critical for our reporting needs

  • Brendan Crowley

    + 1 for this request. Any update here?

  • Mads Nielsen

    You can use Zendesk' own Ticket Field Manager

    to make a ticket field mandatory.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    The Ticket Field Manager makes the field mandatory on any status update which doesn't work for our teams. We encourage Agents to "Take" the tickets they work on however, they will now need to set the fields as well as "taking it" which is premature to our workflow. We may not know the correct field until later in the ticket. We need it particularly for pending (on some fields) and on-hold. Not for Open or New tickets.


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