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Zendesk for JIRA users can sort their JIRA issues by the number of Zendesk tickets linked to each issue. This can help your developers prioritize their work, by elevating JIRA issues that have a larger number of customers asking for a specific feature, or reporting the same bug.

For information ticket linking, see Creating a link to an existing JIRA issue from a ticket.

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Setting up linked tickets reporting in JIRA

The linked tickets reporting feature allows you to keep track of the number of Zendesk tickets linked to each JIRA issue and their IDs.

To enable this feature, custom fields need to be added to your JIRA projects. The setup process requires a JIRA administrator to create one or both of these custom fields:

  • A text field, for the list of Zendesk ticket IDs
  • A number field, to count the number of ticket IDs

Then, the administrator needs to add one or both of these fields to the screens of the JIRA projects.

After completing the setup:

  • When a Zendesk ticket is linked to a JIRA issue, the Zendesk Ticket Count field is incremented by one, and its ID is appended to the Zendesk Ticket IDs field.
  • When a Zendesk ticket is unlinked from a JIRA issue, the Zendesk Ticket Count field is decreased by one and its ID is deleted from the Zendesk Ticket IDs field.
Note: Note, JIRA will only display these custom fields if there are tickets linked to the particular JIRA issue. Also important to note that we do not automatically back fill these fields for issues that were linked/edited before this feature was enabled. To force populate values for these issues, the linked ticket or issue need to be "touched" (opened in the user interface).

Each of these custom fields can be used independently of the other.

To set up the linked tickets reporting feature

  1. In JIRA, click the Admin (cog) icon on the top bar, and select Issues.

  2. On the Issues admin page, select Fields > Custom fields from the left-side navigation bar.

  3. On the Custom fields page, click the Add custom field button in the top right corner.

  4. On the field type selection page, click Text field (multi-line), then click Next.

  5. On the text field configuration page, enter a name and description for the text field. Note that the names of these two fields need to match precisely to how they are written in this article:
    • Name: Zendesk Ticket IDs
    • Description: Holds list of Zendesk IDs of tickets related to JIRA issue in a comma-separated string.
  6. Click Create.
  7. On the next page, use the checkboxes to select which screens the text field should appear on, and click Update.

  8. On the field type selection page, select Number Field, then click Next.

  9. On the number field configuration page, enter a name and description for the number field.
    • Name: Zendesk Ticket Count
    • Description: Number of Zendesk tickets linked to JIRA issue
  10. Click Create.
  11. Again, on the field association page, use the checkboxes to select the screens the number field should appear on, and click Update.
  12. Confirm the fields are displayed on the correct screens.

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    Thanks Yuri & team for continuing to update this integration. We were excited about this release, however there's a few major issues that are likely going to prevent us from using it.  Here's why:

    JIRA's notification scheme configuration doesn't appear allow users to restrict notifications to only fire on certain field updates (or exclude certain fields from firing an email). It's a blanket 'Issue Updated' trigger.

    This implementation will cause a riot in our Product/Dev teams due to the number of emails that would be sent and I suspect we wouldn't be alone here. It would mean that EVERY time we link/unlink a ticket and this field value changes, many people will be updated.

    We would either need to disable update notifications completely (which won't fly with Product/Dev) or not use this feature, which doesn't work for Support/QA. There must be a way to report on the number of linked cases that doesn't require a huge tradeoff in JIRA notification functionality.

    Is it possible to do the reports like this in Zendesk instead?


    Thanks for reading!


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    This is nice.  I still can't report on/view JIRA ID's from within Zendesk which would add more value for my particular environment.  I hope that's next!

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    Hi DJ,


    Thank you for your feedback. The request to add the JIRA ID to the linked tickets is on my radar, but at the moment our solution to reporting on linked tickets/issues is to use JIRA.

  • -1

    Hi Dan Ross,


    I'll take your feedback onboard. You are correct in saying that updating this two fields will trigger the "issue update" event in JIRA and send a notification if one is configured.

    If you wanted to reduce the noise of the notifications, you can either disable the notification for that particular event, limit the people who get it or apply a filter on the email client.

    The general feedback is these notifications are useful, letting developers know when there is an additional occurrence of bug for example, but I do see your point.

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    It should be noted that this level or reporting is barely possible in Jira as well. If you're using Jira on demand or Jira cloud you're outta luck.

    @Yuri, I visited the Zendesk office a while back to discuss this with one of the solutions people there and there was a rumor that Zendesk has a Melbourne office where Atlassian and ZD teams are collaborating to solve problems such as this. Is this true?

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    A common request has been to be able to sort JIRA issues based on number of linked Zendesk tickets, with Linked Tickets Reporting feature it is now possible.

    What sort of reports would you like to produce and are not able to? BTW JIRA let's you create a list of issues and then export it, if you prefer to use a different tool for reporting.


    We do have a team in Melbourne working on the JIRA integration.



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    I cannot search by the Zendesk ID field, as it will only populate once you open Jira issue screen. And here I have already the Zendesk ID. Am I missing something? If not, I am very disappointed by the implementation. 

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    The Zendesk Ticket IDs field is only populated when an issue is "linked". If a new JIRA issue is created from within zendesk using the app then the field is empty?

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    I've been trying to figure out how to do this for months. The next thing that is important to me is linking clients. However, since Zendesk has each ticket assigned to a client, using the issue ID's field may allow me to still do this.

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    Hi Danny,


    This feature was released very recently. Hope you find it useful.

    Can you please explain what do you mean by linking clients?



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    I can confirm that when you create an issue from Zendesk Support via the integration, the field Zendesk Ticket IDs WILL be populated.

    If it's not working for you, please email support@zendesk.com and we will help you out.

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    We're not back filling these fields for existing issues automatically. To get these fields populated, you either need to open the issue in JIRA or open one of the linked tickets in Zendesk Support. 

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    Hi Yuri!

    It might be worth updating the article that the Zendesk Ticket Count field should be configured to have a default value of zero, otherwise when new issues in JIRA are created, they'll have a null value. When sorting, JIRA places nulls before numerical tickets, which makes it a pain to rely on sort order to show highest/lowest ticket counts. We've only updated this recently, so we're still trying to stamp out the null values. 

    We've also found that setting the custom field searcher to 'number range' allows for better results. JIRA's default custom number field searcher required an exact match to a count value, and didn't seem to support < > operations. By using the searcher for range, you can enter 0-100 (since 100 is the current issue max). Just a few ideas that might help folks setting up the integration for the first time ;)


    Yuri, is there any way to trigger a backfilling of the issue count fields without having to rely on them being reopened manually? Because we've implemented the linked ticket feature before the Issue Counter was a feature, we have lots of tickets that have linked issues that aren't showing their count. They're showing null (because we didn't have a default value set) and bulk editing them to 0 is only going to be accurate for some cases, since some of the issues had tickets linked before the counter was brought in. 

    Can it be an event triggered to update/recount the linked issue count? It'd be a handy feature in the future for admins to have access to in the integration setup as well, though maybe limiting the frequency is a good idea since it could be API heavy. 


    We're very pleased with the integration overall, it's really helping our Product teams co-ordinate with Support :)



    Edited by Dan Ross
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    Hi Dan Ross,


    Many thanks for the great feedback. This is really helpful!

    I'll update the article with your tip on setting a default value for the count field, but I'm not sure I fully understand your second point on the custom field searcher, could you please explain?


    Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to backfill these two fields for previously linked issues, but I'm happy to do a quick investigation so see if there is a way to achieve this.



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    Hi Yuri,

    The feature is definitely useful. And its already being utilized.

    Concerning client linking. I actually don't need client/company data in JIRA if the following was built in Zendesk. I want the ability to go to a company and see the outstanding development request without needing to jump into the ticket (see screenshot). We already have the ability to see the JIRA tickets attached to issue. But there is not a good way to see all JIRA issues for a given client. This would be resolved, if the same JIRA widget (that exists on the Zendesk ticket) was added to the company page (and possibly user page). This should only show the development issues linked to any open Zendesk ticket (or a way to filter closed JIRA tickets should be added).


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    Hi Yuri,

    By default, if you create a number field in JIRA, there is a paramenter called 'Search Template'. By default it is set to 'Number Searcher' which allows a user to enter a single number to search for. Any operators for greater or less searches are not accepted in this search template. Effectively, it filters issues in the search to only show results EQUAL to the number entered.

    Under the custom field configuration, you can change the search template. One option is 'Number Range Searcher'. This allows for agents to search for issues with a Zendesk Ticket Count between X and Y. Setting it to 1-100 excludes any bugs that have not yet been reported by customers and helps speed triage meetings for customer reported issues. 

    As for the resync, that'd be really great if you could take a quick look. We're in a state where to update the tickets linked prior to the reporting feature being available that we'd have to manually reopen over a thousand issues to force a recount. 

    Danny, that's a really great idea. Being able to see the bugs experienced on the org and/or user views would give support teams good insight into what a customer's painpoints might be without having to go to each ticket. 


    Thanks Yuri!

    Edited by Dan Ross
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    I've created the custom fields:

    • Zendesk Ticket Count: Number Field
    • Zendesk Ticket IDs: Text Field (single line)

    They don't seem to be populating correctly when I create an issue from within Zendesk.

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    Hey Matt,

    We had issues initially with this, it's important the fields are also on the Issue Edit screens, as well as the Issue View screens for the project you want to apply to. 

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    Also, We ran into issues with the Zendesk Ticket IDs field hitting overflow limits if you have a lot of linked tickets, which prevented it from updating. you may want to set your Ticket IDs field to a multiline text field.


  • 0

    Do both fields need to be on the screens? I'm really only interested in seeing the count. The list of IDs isn't much help compared to the sidebar widget.

  • 0

    Nope. We're just using the Ticket Count field and it works fine.

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    Hi Everyone


    I just found out because a colleague told me, that when you open a JIRA issue's page which has associated Zendesk tickets, the fields are updated and now it has the ticket count associated from Zendesk as well as the list.

    It is a manual workaround to fix the issue with tickets existing previously to the implementation of the fields but if you want to have your list up to date and do not want to wait until your old issues dissapear, it could be cool.

    I hope you find it useful.

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    Hi Everyone, 

    I just set this up as this is going to be a great feature for my team.  I have a couple of questions that I was hoping you could provide some insight to.

    1) When in Zendesk and clicking on "Create Issue," this does not seem to populate the fields automatically.  Do the fields only populate when linking to an existing issue in JIRA?


    2) I've been told that these fields will not automatically update and they have to be updated manually.  This does not seem correct based on this article, but I could have mis-read something?


    Any insight is greatly appreciated!


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    As an FYI, the steps in the article are missing a couple of things, but was no issue understanding what needed to be done.

    We have implemented this feature and it seems to work in what I'd call a wonky manner.  But maybe it is the intended behavior?

    It will only add the two fields to a Jira Issue when there are 2 (or more) Tickets linked.  That probably makes sense.

    But - The Zendesk Ticket IDs only lists the second and subsequent Ticket(s) linked.  And the Zendesk Ticket Count starts at "1" when there is actually two.  

    This means that the Ticket Count will always be off by one.

    If it matters we did follow the advice from @Dan Ross and configured the Zendesk Ticket Count field to have a default value of zero.


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    It seems that more is wrong here.  See this screen shot:

    I had Ticket 441 linked to this Jira Issue.  I unlinked it and as you can see added another.  But it is still showing up as linked to only 441.

    I also have an open Support Ticket on this...

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    Hi Everyone, 

    We support a rich integration solution between Zendesk & Jira. Some of the complex features we currently have:

    • Ability to sync zendesk id or url in Jira and viceversa on creation or updation of ticket
    • Ability to reconcile old data to populate data in old entities too
    • No limitations for history sync including comments/conversations
    • You can also synchronize Zendesk tickets to appropriate Jira issue type based on Zendesk assignee group/user

    For any specific feature walkthrough you can also request a custom demo http://www.opshub.com/demo-request



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