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    Pelle Nyrén

    I wish that the help center reporting tab that shows the most read articles didn't include views from logged in editors of the articles. Whenever I've written an article that needs lots of editing it rushes to the top of the "by views" listing, even before the article is made public. This makes the data less useful for our small company that doesn't get all that many page views in the help center per day.

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    Jacob Hougaard Christensen

    I experience the same thing as Pelle... It completely corrupts the data provided if it accounts for the editor's visits. 

    Is there any way this can be avoided? 

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    I'm by no means a Google Analytics expert, but I know we have our Google Analytics set up to filter out internal traffic. I did some poking around and it looks like we do this by IP address. How are you guys trying to filter internal traffic?

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    Jeff Callahan

    Will this be available in the new Explore reporting?

    From Support I can open a User and view their Comments, Posts and Subscriptions.  I cannot understand why this information is not available in a reporting suite.  

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Jeff!

    This is a good question, but I don't know the answer. I'm going to check with some folks and see what I can find out!

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