Can I provide users access to specific tabs within a restricted Insights dashboard? Follow


I have a dashboard that is currently restricted to only some of my users. However, I want to grant access to a single tab within the dashboard to other users not included in these permissions. Is it possible to set tab-specific visibility permissions on a restricted dashboard?


It is not possible to define different viewing permissions at the tab level on an Insights dashboard, though you may duplicate the dashboard and remove the unwanted tabs.

To create a duplicate dashboard for sharing

  1. From the dashboard, select the Settings icon ().
  2. Select Save as... and give the dashboard a new name. 
  3. From the duplicated dashboard, select the Settings icon and choose Edit.
  4. Delete the unwanted tabs by selecting the arrow on the tab and choosing Delete.
  5. Save the dashboard and set new permissions via Settings > Sharing & Permissions
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    This would be an awesome feature to have in Zendesk Explore!

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