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    Gabriel Scott

    Would the Records of User Tags be located somewhere else? I don't seem to have it available.

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    Brent Pliskow (Edited )

    @Gabriel - I found that instead of "Records of User Tags" and "Records of Organization Tags" you can use "UserTagId" and "OrganizationTagId", respectively. Our instance is also without the Attributes described in this article.

    @Amy - This may be a good article update.

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Brent! Hi Gabriel! 

    Brent is correct - those are the correct attributes. There was a weird issue with a recent template update. It temporarily changed the labels of several key attributes, including UserTagId and OrganizationTagId. We've since fixed the template issue and reverted attributes to their original names.

    It looks like this article picked up the "Records of" labels during the changeover. Sorry about that! I've updated the article. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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    Christian Schäffeler (Edited )

    Hello there,

    is there any way to get the actual value of a tag into the report?

    So far I only managed to filter the number of tickets by specific tags (for example, exclude the tickets that were closed by merge, they use the tag closed_by_merge)


    We use a lot of organizations within Zendesk.
    Every organization has tags / attributes like

    • Domain
    • Group
    • Details
    • Notes

    and so on.

    We want to create a report that is a table that shows every organization with all the attributes above.
    However, we cannot find any of those attributes when creating a new report.

    How can I add those attributes into the report table?
    Can this be achieved witch custom metrics?

    We would very much appreciate any help regarding this!
    Regards, Chris


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    Amy Dee

    Hi Chris! As long as you use a metric that connects to tag data, you should be able to display tags in the report.

    It looks like you're interested in organization tags. In that case, create the # Organizations (with tags) metric from the recipe above, then set up this report:

    WHAT - # Organizations (with tags)
    HOW - OrganizationOrganization Tags

    This will show you the tags for each organization (along with any other organization fields you add under HOW).

    Please note: All organizations, users, and tickets start with a placeholder N/A tag value, which is removed when tags are added. If some of your organizations don't have tags yet, you may see a lot of N/A values. In this type of report (and this type of report only), you should be able to add a list of values filter to exclude the "N/A" tag.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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    Christian Schäffeler

    Dear Amy,

    thank you  very much for your reply, I really appreciate it.


    I tried my best to create the # Organizations (with tags) metric, but I just cannot figure out how to add the yellow true and false:

    Please could you advice how this can be achieved?

    Kind regards, Chris


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    Amy Dee

    Hi Chris! Those are attribute values. When you click "Attribute Values," it will appear to show you the attribute list again. That's normal. You need to select that attribute you put in the metric. That should show you all available values for that attribute.

    For this particular metric, "false" and "true" can be found here:

    • Attribute ValuesOrganization Deletedfalse 
    • Attribute ValuesOrganization Tag Deleted Flagtrue 

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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