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    Gabriel Scott

    Would the Records of User Tags be located somewhere else? I don't seem to have it available.

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    Brent Pliskow (Edited )

    @Gabriel - I found that instead of "Records of User Tags" and "Records of Organization Tags" you can use "UserTagId" and "OrganizationTagId", respectively. Our instance is also without the Attributes described in this article.

    @Amy - This may be a good article update.

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Brent! Hi Gabriel! 

    Brent is correct - those are the correct attributes. There was a weird issue with a recent template update. It temporarily changed the labels of several key attributes, including UserTagId and OrganizationTagId. We've since fixed the template issue and reverted attributes to their original names.

    It looks like this article picked up the "Records of" labels during the changeover. Sorry about that! I've updated the article. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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