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    Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @Niall Colfer

    Let me point out my severe dissatisfaction with this loss of functionality with V3, which has been "perfected" with V4.

    We started using V2 when things just worked. Then, V3 came along, and our "integration" with JIRA started to disintegrate. With V4, it offers zero functionality. We finally disabled it until we will see a chance that things look up.

    We are using CROWD to include 5 ADs, as well as a Customer directory. There is no way we can manage our 500 internal users worldwide and a few hundred customers in the internal directory, especially since we use Confluence and other Atlassian products in our projects as well.

    Are we REALLY the only ones to have this problem with the JIRA integration?


    Yours truly


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    Andrew Dietrich (Edited )

    Hi Peter,

    I'm sorry to hear the JIRA integration can't suit your workflow anymore. I believe using other directories even in previous versions fell into a "workaround" territory, which is why it quietly stopped working in later releases.

    My best recommendation would be to make a Product Feedback post so our developers are aware of the business need:




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    Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @Andrew Dietrich

    I have to say that I am getting a bit disappointed in Zendesk's agility. "Please make a comment here" from Agent A, just to get -with a 11 days lag- a "Please make a comment there" from Agent B, and all those feature wishes that have been disregarded for years when browsing the various discussion entries in your help center...

    You have a good product!

    However, you managed, in our case, to break one of the key features which made us choose Zendesk over Freshdesk or other competitors.

    Just one year and two months into our journey, we're stuck with "Sorry, but that has never been meant to work" type of informations. That is not encouraging at all.

    I will, however, post in the product feedback.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Peter - 

    I want to apologize, there was clearly a breakdown in our workflow and internal communications here.

    We're currently evaluating some of our processes pertaining to the Community - particularly those pertaining to the intake of and communication about product feedback -  and you've highlighted one of the areas that needs shoring up. 

    I've flagged your post for the Product Manager working on our JIRA integration, as well as our Support Managers. 

    Thanks for being an active member of the Zendesk Community, and again, my apologies for your getting passed around so many times in this interaction. 


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    Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi all

    Zendesk asked me to post a feature request encompassing the above-outlined problem.

    If you also have this kind of problems, please support the feature request by posting here:


    I also added a comment in the Atlassian Marketplace listing for the Zendek for JIRA integration:


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