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    Jim Stalder

    We use SendRecurring:   Works great!


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    Bob Edwards

    We figured out a simple way to schedule recurrent tickets using Google Calendar and Outlook.  When you set up an event on Google Calendar you have the option to make it recurring and to send notifications for that event.  We needed to schedule recurring weekly Zendesk tickets, and this allows us to do that.  Here's how:

    1. Add an event to Google Calendar
    2. Specify a unique name for the event that you can trap in your email with a rule.
    3. Set the recurring settings for the Google Calendar event for daily, weekly, monthly as needed.
    4. Turn the Notifications on for the Google Calendar event (set only one notification).
    5. When the event triggers Google Calendar will email you the notification for the event.
    6. Trap the event notification with an Outlook Rule and forward it to Zendesk to create a ticket.

    It is very reliable, easy to maintain, and it works very well.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Bob, and welcome to the Community!

    It would be awesome if you shared it in our Tips & Tricks topic!

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    Bonnie Pohlschneider

    Is it possible to make this a feature request? The fact that we have to go to a system outside of the ticketing system to create tickets seems counter productive. Putting everything into a single pane of glass makes the lives of administrators and agents much easier than trying to remember which system does what piece of the work.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Bonnie, 

    You're welcome to post your feedback in the Product Feedback topic, which the Product Managers follow. 

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