Can I automatically CC all users in an organization?

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  • Allison Ramsey-Henry

    This would be very helpful for us as we interact with a number of other helpdesks who need to be notified of certain types of transactions. If I could tie an automation to the ticket type this could be easily done. I see that I can set up an automation based on ticket type, but I can't add an end user as a CC. Very frustrating!

  • Monique Foy

    Vote yes to add feature. This would be extremely helpful as we are having several request from our client's to do this action and right now we have to manually remember to do this step.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Allison!

    I know that a number of people who have a similar type of workflow use External Targets (rather than CCs) to send those notifications. You can find more about this here: Notifying External Email Addresses.

  • Marci Abraham

    We have the same need, and I know this has been requested MANY times in the past, but apparently still is not possible. Very frustrating.

    We do not want all users in the Organization to view each other's tickets -- that involves far too many people. We just have two main people in the Organization who both need to see what the other one is doing. 

    Since Zendesk's end user interface ("My Activities") has the option to toggle between "My Requests" and "Requests I'm CC'd on"....AND we have the option to turn off CCing by end users (necessary to prevent spam in an open ticket environment)..... that we should have the ability to create a CC to anyone WE feel should be CC'd.

    I do realize that the option of using external targets exist.....but this it not just for notification purposes. We want our users to be able to log in to their account and see their own tickets AND their CC tickets -- just as Zendesk was designed to allow.

    This restricted functionality seems to run counter to the very design of Zendesk.

    This leaves me with two questions.....

    1) Am I missing something? Is there ANY workaround to accomplish what we want to do -- automatically add a non-agent as a CC ? Or do we really have to remember do this manually every time?

    2) Is there a feature request somewhere we can vote on? I don't understand what the up/down votes do on a question like this. It asks if the article is "helpful" which is not a relevant gauge for a feature request.



  • James Sanford

    Hey Marci!

    The alternative workaround you're looking for is actually the Setting up a shared organization for end-users link provided in this very article.

    You can use these settings to either say that all Users in the Organization can view all tickets and then individually updating each of that Organizations users so they instead only have access to their own tickets, or you can set it so that Organization Users can view their own tickets only and then update these two specific users so they can view all ticket's from the User's Organization.  Your end-users would then be able to view these tickets by accessing the My Activities section of the Help Center and then selecting Organization requests.  This method would mean you would never have to worry about manually adding the other user as a CC.

    If that option does not work for you, then Notifying External Email Addresses is going to be your best alternative.

    You can find the feature request for adding end-users as a CC via Trigger or Automation here so you can add your vote to that request: 


  • Laurence Kay

    Marci - we also require this functionality. Did you get this solved? In another discussion I found a link to this workaround: although that seems a lot of work for a simple concept that should be supported by Zendesk. I am unsure if we will go to the trouble of implementing tis

    James - Creating a shared organisation alone won't solve it for us, because we require a distribution group to be updated by email.  And Notifying external email addresses is no good either, because the emails generated by that method cannot be replied to (if anyone does reply to them, it generates a new ticket, which is no good)

    I have voted for the request, which is apparently coming in 2018. So hopefully only 3 weeks to go....?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Laurence - 

    It is something the product team will be working on in 2018, but I would not expect to see it rolled out at the beginning of the year. 

  • Yeny Rubiano

    Hello ZenDesk Team,

    Any news about this feature?

  • Sebastiaan Cools

    see ?

  • Allison Crane

    I see the updated article but that was back in 4/18. Is there any update on the Beta? Can we expect this feature to be released anytime soon? We work with channel partners that need to be cc'd on customer tickets. Being able to set up a trigger to add an end user as cc when the conditions fit would really help us out to ensure everybody who needs to be aware of what's going on is on the ticket.


  • Timothy Tucker

    Wait... seriously, how does this not exist yet? Are the new CC features that are reportedly being rolled out going to address this?


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