How do you add images into the body of a ticket?

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  • Alex Gerulaitis

    Trying to do this with "rich content": not working.

    1. Dragging doesn't work - nothing happens.
    2. Don't see a "Drop images inline with text" box anywhere.

    Something I am missing?

    P.S. Yes I was: "If "Require authentication to download" setting is checked, one will not be able to add inline images. :(

  • Debi G.

    I am trying to do this with "rich content"and it is not working.  I followed the earlier comment and unchecked "Require authentication to download" and I still do not have the option to check "Drop images inline with text".

    Does that require a different type of Zendesk subscription? 

  • Ryan C.

    Hi Debi, 

    Under Admin > Settings > Tickets > Attachments, there won't be an option to to check a box to "Drop images inline with text". As long as you have Rich Content enabled, and "Require Authentication to Download" is disabled, you will be able to simply drag and drop images into the 'public reply' section of your ticket interface. 

    If you're experiencing issues with dragging and dropping images inline, and the settings are accurately reflected in your account, I would encourage you to clear your browser cache and try again. 

    If that doesn't work though, just let us know and we'll proceed with troubleshooting steps. :)


  • Andrei Alexandru

    Dragging an existing image from disk inline works. Seems to be less reliable to drop in an image form the clipboard. I have noticed that screenshots that are copied from the clipboard, at times, not always - being removed when the status is updated.


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