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How do you add images into the body of a ticket rather than as attachments?


Enabling formatting options for agents

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Tickets.
  2. In the Comments section, select the checkbox next to Enable formatting options for agents
  3. Select one of the formatting options. You can use Rich Content or Markdown

Adding inline images with Rich Content

    1. Drag the image or file into the comment body.
    2. Drop into the box Drop images inline with text. 
Note: Dragging and dropping images does not work if you have private attachments (the Require authentication to download setting) enabled. See Working with attachments in tickets.

To add inline images when using Markdown

  1. Identify the source URL of the image - you can attach to the ticket and reference the link address (right click attachment & select Save Link Address) or host images on a third-party site and save the image address. 
  2. In line with where you want to display the image, enter ![alt-text if image link breaks](image URL)
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    Trying to do this with "rich content": not working.

    1. Dragging doesn't work - nothing happens.
    2. Don't see a "Drop images inline with text" box anywhere.

    Something I am missing?

    P.S. Yes I was: "If "Require authentication to download" setting is checked, one will not be able to add inline images. :(

    Edited by Alex Gerulaitis

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