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What is the difference between a user's role in the Support portal and their roles in the Help Center? How are they related?


There are two roles within the Help Center: Manager and Viewer. For more information on what these roles can do within the Help Center, visit our article on understanding Help Center roles and permissions. The roles set for users on your account relate to these Help Center roles in different ways, depending on your plan level. 

Note: There is an inconsistency in HC roles. Within the Support UI, roles are Managers and Viewers. Within a section's settings, these roles are referred to as Managers and Agents. Agent and Viewer refer to the same role.

For plans with custom roles (Enterprise)

If using custom roles, the role itself will contain the Help Center role within the its permissions.

To edit, navigate to Admin > Manage > People > Roles and edit the specific role. In the Help Center section, if the Can manage Help Center checkbox is enabled, users with this role are Help Center managers. If it is not enabled, users with this role are Help Center Viewers


For plans without custom roles (Essential, Team, and Professional)

If your plan does not include custom roles, the Support role has no bearing on the Help Center role.

On these plans, the Help Center role is a setting on the user profile. From an agent's user profile, you will see a field for Help Center. There are two options available here: Manager or Viewer



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