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    Brad Marshall

    Why would the `updated_at` value reflect votes and comments? As a Help Center manager, I would want my customers aware of an update to the article, not a vote made by a Community member. Is there a way to show to an end user that an article's content has been updated?

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    Pedro Rodrigues

    +1 what Brad said

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    Ricardo Pinto

    Hello, Brand and Pedro,

    Essentially, updated_at is a database field that reflects the last time the record was touched in the database. Which doesn't just mean that it's when a body or other attributes of the article were updated.

    Unfortunately, this isn't how most customers think about it or interpret the name of the field. We are working on a more customer friendly last_edited_at type of field that would behave more like what you are expecting. However, we do not have a timeline on that just yet.

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    Ashish Sharma

    I agree with Brad. It is a confusing implementation and should be changed soon. Can we please get a timeline on this change?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ashish! Has Ricardo pointed out, we don't have a timeline on this change yet. But we'll definitely let you know when we're closer to knowing when it'll be ready!

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    Cody Stephenson

    Which does the "sort by last edited" column in the "Manage Articles" list use?  I have articles in the editor view that have been edited recently, but in the list they show as being last edited over 2 years ago.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Cody!

    Quick point of clarification: what actions are you considering to be an edit? Just changes to the article itself? 

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    Liri Raviv

    Agree with Brad. Any updates on change of implementation or a workaround that can be used? 

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hi Liri - 

    We do not have any implementation updates on this at this time, though I can assure you our team is asking for the same thing. :) I'll leave it to the community to offer up a workaround, hopefully someone has figured one out!

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    吉田 尚平





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