Error message: "field name" is required when solving a ticket. I am using Conditional Fields app

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  • Angie Ramaroson
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    When ticket fields are marked as required in its definition, the conditional fields actually resets its value when selecting a different condition.

    So if field X is the conditional field, and field A1 appears for value X1, field A2 appears for value X2, etc..selecting A1, setting a trigger to add a default value to A2 seems to fill in a value in A2.

    However by changing the conditional value, it erases all the other fields value...Example below:

    Step 1, the conditional value of Corporate app component is set to MiMOSA

    Not how all the other fields values are removed.

    Then step 2, the value of the conditional field is set to PRISM, and everything is deleted. But a trigger comes in to try to fill in the fields anyway.

    Yet when solving the ticket, it error


    So the issues are:

    1-fields are emptied when changing the value of the conditional field

    2-they require to be displayed before solved , even if filled in.




  • Anna
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    Angie -   It is expected that the Conditional Fields App will erase ticket field data if a preceding condition is changed in the ticket. If there are set fields you need field out, you may want to ensure a trigger is used to set these values when an agent updates the ticket.   Feel free to open a ticket with us if there are some particular examples you would like us to review on your account. 


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