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A refreshed experience for agents on-the-go.


Over the last year, we’ve been working closely with our mobile app users to make improvements to the mobile experience. Our goals were to provide our agents with a more valuable user interface, streamline key mobile actions and enable agents and admins to be more productive when handling tickets on-the-go.

With the update you can still:

  • Access all your support ticket views
  • View all support ticket events and notifications
  • Search support tickets 
  • View and update comments, CCs, tags and ticket fields
  • Apply macros
  • Upload and view attachments on tickets
  • Get push notifications on ticket updates


But you can also now:

  • Configure which notifications you receive and when
  • Review all notifications in a notification feed
  • Sort and group ticket lists
  • View comments with rich text and inline images
  • Preview macro changes
  • Carousel through tickets by swiping left and right
  • Leave feedback and report issues directly through the app


Here is a sneak peak at the iOS app...



And the new Android experience...



When is this happening?

You will be able to update your existing app in mid-November


Will you still support my device?

Yes. We will continue to support Android 4.0 and above and although we’re switching to iOS9 and above, all devices running iOS7 & iOS8 are iOS9 compatible. If you're using iOS 7 or iOS8 please update to continue using Zendesk for iPhone. We plan to revisit our iPad app in the new year.


Can I get early access to the mobile app?

Non, sorry, our early access program is now full.  


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    I have been unable to use the Android app on my phone for several years now. I hope that this will be fixed with the upcoming release. I think that it would suffice either for the app to be able to support rotation to landscape mode, or for it to be able to accept direct login even when SSO is enabled.

    Here's why. Our Zendesk uses SSO through our website. Our website is not at all mobile friendly, so on my phone in portrait mode the login fields are  unreachable as far as I can tell. But in Chrome, if I rotate the phone, there's just enough width to the login fields that I can fill them.

    Unfortunately, the current Zendesk app opens the SSO login in an internal browser which doesn't support landscape mode, so is unusable.

    The previous Android Zendesk app didn't support SSO, so I could enter a Zendesk-specific login, which worked fine.

    Thanks, realize this is late, but FWIW...

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    Congratulations on the new apps.

    Will the new Android app enable admins to receive push notification when a support ticket is received?
    Currently the only way that I know that I received a new support ticket is by Jeep opening the app and checking the unassigned tickets view, which us extremely inconvenient and not practical.
    Is this likely to change in the new app?

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    Yes, both Android and iOS will allow the configuration of getting a push notification for new tickets. Here is a sneak peak.


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    This all looks cool, except...

    "Carousel through tickets by swiping left and right"

    I was hoping that this update would bring the native 'swipe in from the left edge to go back to the previous screen' behaviour in iOS (which I try to use every time I use the current app), but it sounds like it'll do something else instead :(

    Edited by Tom Browning
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    Notification of all new tickets is great - I've been waiting for that.

    The other major issue I've had with the mobile app is that I cannot listen to voicemails using my iPhone.  Will that be fixed in this release?

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    Hi Len - Yes, we will have support for voicemail playback including if you have secure recordings on.

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    Will you be able to see/change the organization field, this is a major omission from the current app

    Also whether you will be able to see suspended tickets. 

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    Hi. As above, do the new versions include having the "Organization" field in any of the views? This is a vital field and for some reason it seems absent from the app. Thanks.

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    I have read the article, and this update is looking good!

    @Lisa, are there any plans (somewhere in your backlog) to include collision detection?

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    If the view is grouped by Organization, it will display in the ticket list. Then once we implement the updated User Profile, you will be able to see the organization the user is associated with. There are no immediate plans for updating the organization information.


    There will not be a suspended tickets view right off, but it is on our roadmap.


    Collision detection including visibility of who is viewing a ticket mobile and desktop is on our longer term roadmap.

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    Will we be able to use the ticket field placeholders such as {{ticket.requester.first_name}} etc?

    Will the app allow you to edit help center articles? 

    As an admin, we have an article that we post updates about the service of our product. Currently we have to use a browser to update the article when we have an outage. This makes it very cumbersome to do on the road and most of the time I have to get someone else to do this for me as its so difficult to do on a mobile device.

    Can you edit the name of a end user or customer? Can you add additional emails or end user information to a end user profile?

    We have organizations set up that if coming from a certain domain that it is automatically added. We have a field in our ticket form that allows the customer to fill out the organization so we can manually update it (if received from a Gmail). I am unable to manually update any customer profiles with data that is collected in our custom fields in the ticket forms. I hope we are able to update this.


    Edited by Sara Gladney
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    The only feature I feel is missing for my workflows is being able to merge tickets. Are there plans to introduce this functionality?

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    Will it be possible to access the Admin features through the app? Thanks.

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    Will the new Android app search through groups by group name like the iOS version or will it still search by agents by name?

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    Agree with all the above. Org fields are beyond critical for context.

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    +1 on being able to access admin features on mobile. Sometimes emergencies occur while in transit and I need to be able to make system adjustments right there and then.

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    Hi All, ticket field placeholders will work. We will not preview the value, but if you type in the placeholder it will pull the value on submission of the comment.

    The app is targeted for Agent triage and ticketing, so we are not including Admin functions and there will not be editing of help center.

    Ticket merging is on our roadmap, but wont be there when the app is released.

    Organizational information will be coming shortly after release.

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    Strong +1 for the ability to merge tickets. We use this on a daily basis in web app, and really miss having the functionality in the iOS app.

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    Hi  Lisa,

    We are developing an app using Channel integration and see some drawbacks in current versions of Zendesk mobile apps. To be sure that the new versions of the apps are fully compatible with this new framework, we would love to get an early access to test it with our app. Please comment.

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    @Kiryl, The new app is starting to roll out. You'll be seeing it this week for download. We expect it should work with your integration, but please do let me know if not.

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    Personally I am not happy with the new mobile app:

    - New ticket is now a multi screen procedure (like a wizzard), so when you are in step 2, you might not remember what you entered in step 1. This is not, in my honest opinion, good UX.

    - The list of tickets (views) do not show the status of the ticket, or the sender, so you just get a list of subjects. In order to know the requester of each ticket, or the status of each ticket, you need to open the ticket. Again, not good UX in my opinion.

    - On Android, I don't seem to be able to copy texts from the body of a ticket. Also, first letter after dots don't get capitalised anymore. This is a nuisance.

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    I can't believe you released a new app without the ability to merge tickets!  We've been asking for that for years on the support forum (see:  How far down the roadmap is this?

    Some other points:

    1. I can't find a way to mark new tickets as spam

    2. By default, all new notes we enter are set to internal so that we don't send out internal information by mistake and have to actively set the comment to be public.  The app is ignoring this setting and makes all new comments public by default.

    3. I cannot find a way to set the first view when I start the app, it always defaults to "my unsolved tickets".

    4. Placeholders in macros do not get parsed until the comment is submitted, whereas before I saw the plain text version in the editor.  Now I see the fieldmerge codes.

    5. Seeing the sender of the ticket by name rather than half their avatar would be much more useful.

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    Hi Miguel. Thanks for the feedback. An Android update will be coming later this week with the ability to view status on the ticket list and copy text. There will be more improvements coming, but hopefully these are a start to help your mobile experience.


    Hi Graham, I hear you on the ticket merge. We do have it on our list and wanted to have it for initial release, but unfortunately we didn't make it there. We will be tackling some of the other parity issues such as mark as spam, delete, and manage suspended tickets. Once those are done we can look into ticket merging. 

    Regarding your other feedback. You'll be seeing improvements in all those areas in the coming weeks. Thanks for your continued patience.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Is it / will it be possible to bypass SSO on mobile login, or at least have the SSO redirected to a browser rather than the built-in browser widget? (For context, see my first comment at the top of this thread).


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    Hi Miguel. I responded to your comments in our release announcement post. thanks.

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