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  • Next SLA breach is showing the info in days. Can we show that in hours? For Ex: 72 hrs, instead of 3days.

    The tooltip on Next SLA Breach column shows the exact datetime of SLA breach. Can we show this datetime as report/view column?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, Balasubrahmanyam!


    I'm not sure about the answers to your questions, so I'm going to find somebody who can help you. Sit tight!

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    Katie D.

    Hello Balasubrahmanyam!

    Excellent question. When you add an SLA badge to your views, it's going to show in hours if the breach will occur in 36 hours or less. If hours until breach are greater than 36, the badge will show in days until breach. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

  • Thank you Jessie.

    Hello Katie,

    Thanks for the response. Let me explain our problem. We have support team works from different geographical regions on different applications. But ZENDESK shows timelines/SLAs from one configured time zone.

    So, when the SLA is mentioned in days, it doesn't give right information to the Agents at different locations. But number of hours to SLA or the exact date time of SLA gives more relevant information.

    For Example:-

    Our ZENDESK is configured for NZ time zone. A ticket SLA showed 3 days on a Friday. So, the agent in India thought that he can finish working on the ticket by Monday. But the SLA expired on Monday morning 4 AM  India time (around noon NZ time). So, by the time the agent in India looked at the ticket at 8 AM India time, the SLA already breached.

    Had he known the number of hours left to SLA breach or the exact date time when the SLA would be breached on Friday, he would have addressed it accordingly.

    So, I am trying to understand if there is anyway to show hours instead of days, or SLA datetime (currently this is shown as tooltip on Next SLA Breach) in the view.


    Thank you.


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