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  • Nicholas Laveglia

    is there a way to customize the size of the chat on a tablet. We have a 15" tablet and we are using the Zendesk chat widget and when opened, the chat box takes up the whole tablet. How can we resize this on mobile? 

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi Mongkon BBN,

    I have created a ticket on your behalf to discuss this in more detail. I am not entirely sure what you are referring to when you say docked type, so we will be able to get into more detail via ticket.


  • Fernando Franca

    The widget is taking about 4 seconds to "activate" and expand. Is it possible to activate it immediately?

  • Chris Jordan

    Are there any plans to allow for the addition of notes, comments, or non-visible ticket fields to the widget to allow for the passing of customer data that the customer doesn't necessarily need to see? We would like to attach customer specific information from our app to the ticket without confusing the user by showing it to them in the widget.

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hello Chris, 

    No plans have been made to add this functionality at this time. I completely understand your use case though and how that can be useful. I'll submit your feedback to our product team on your behalf but i'd also encourage you to post this to our Product Feedback Forum. On that page other users can up-vote your idea and it can help our product team weigh the popularity and demand of new feature requests because of the interaction it allows with other customers seeking similar functionality. 

    I apologize i don't have better news right now but hopefully this functionality can be implemented in future updates. 

  • Bruno Monteiro Silva

    Im having trouble with implementing labels with the web widget.

    this is how the web widget is implemented:

    1. Zendesk widget is implemented with google tag manager

    2. A label is triggered when viewing a certain page

    what are the issues:

    suggestions don't show up in the widget, but I know that the label was triggered.

    If in chrome I use Incognito mode, everything works fine!

    you can see my setup in this test page where you can also see the code used.

  • Marisa Potgieter

    Is there a way to customize your "Top results"  and show only certain articles?

  • Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Marisa,

    Yes. You can use Contextual help to surface results immediately after clicking the web widget, and you can use the API to pick the content you want to surface.

    We use a very simple way to control which results surface with the opening of the widget, we use the label default_result on the articles we want featured, and use the following customization to the web widget script:

    zE(function() {
    zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions({ labels: ['default_result'] });

    This lets us add and remove the articles we want featured. There are other ways to go about this for other scenarios in the API docs.

    Hope that answers your question, let me know if anything is unclear.


  • Reshma Patel

    Is there a way via code to change the label for the Subject and Description field.  I am currently using the webwidget and custom forms, so I would only want to change the label on one particular form. If that is not possible, is it possible to default and hide the description field entirely on the form using the webwidget so that I can use a custom field instead. 

  • Thomas Verschoren

    Is there a way to change the launcher label when Talk is enabled?

    Similar to chatLabelOnline, is there a talkLabel to change "Call us Back" or "Call us" labeltext?

  • Jenni K.

    Hi Thomas,

    Unfortunately at this time that launcher label is not customizable for when Talk is enabled, it's a bit too new at this time. However our team is open to feedback for what sorts of customization options you'd like to customize that label instead as our team further discusses potential future options! 

  • Sushil Yogi

    I required only web Widget Script On-demand Loading.

    Currently when the visitor opens our web-page, the Help Web Widget code will start to load, and i want to disable that.
    And make it load only when the Help button is clicked is this possible ?


  • Dave Jones

    Hi everyone,

    We're in the final stages of adding the Web Widget to our application and have spotted what we expect to be a change in behaviour. When we first started experimenting, we found that the "View Original Article" button was appearing in the top-right hand corner of the Web Widget. Based on documentation, it sounds like this is the default, and it can be optionally suppressed .


    Recently, we've spotted that the 'View Original Article" button is no longer showing, though we haven't made any configuration changes. We've even tried explicitly setting the parameter to true, but this hasn't worked, either:

    helpCenter: {
          originalArticleButton: true

    Is anyone else experiencing / able to reproduce this issue and perhaps able to offer an explanation or solution? We'd really like our customers to be able to view our Guide articles in full-screen, especially when the article contains screenshots.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Dave J

  • Gab Guinto

    Hi Sushil,

    To have the widget script load only upon clicking the button, you just have to insert this to your html:

      function widget(d) {
          var script = d.createElement('script');
          script.type = 'text/javascript';
 = 'ze-snippet';
          script.async = true;
          script.src = '<key>';

    Just replace <key> with your own widget key. We can't guarantee that it will work on your account, but we tested this and it worked on a test account.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Sushil!

  • Itumeleng Matlanato

    Good Day

    Can I modify the web widget search to search a specific website

  • Thomas Verschoren

    You can specify which section or category it displays from your Help Center.

    Not external websites.

  • Justin

    How can I change the font size of Ticket Form titles in the web widget? Our titles are a bit long and cut off within the widget at the moment.

  • Benjamin Koehler

    Hi Justin,

    That's a great question. I can definitely see your use case here. Unfortunately, that's not something you can change. There's no customization for text size in the User Interface or the Web Widget API. 

    Hope that helps clarify a bit!

  • Rich Herbert

    Hi there, 

    It looks like restricted articles (i.e. articles only visible to signed-in users) don't showing up in my web widget, even if the user is signed-in? 

    Am I missing a step?



  • Jon Daniels

    That's correct, Rich!

    You may follow the directions here to show these restricted articles in the widget:

    Using restricted Help Center content with the Web Widget

    The article states two things that happen when you configure the Web Widget to include restricted content:

    • Visitors to your website who are logged in can read the restricted Help Center articles via the Web Widget. (Note that the customer site in which the Widget is embedded is responsible for authentication of a user's email.)
    • Visitors who are not logged in see only public articles. (If there are no public articles, the Help Center features do not appear in the Web Widget.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Ash D

    Hello - is there any way to add custom CSS to the web widget. I am hoping to add the zendesk web widget (the help widget) on my wix website. I am able to add the button in an iframe (that seems to be the only option on wix). However, the button is not pinned, so it scrolls off of the viewport.

    Is there a way to set the CSS position absolute to the web widget?

  • Lyndsey Woo

    Hi Ash D, we don't support custom CSS. If you've wrapped the web widget in another iframe it will be positioned within that iframe instead of the page window. 

  • Kristof Dons

    Hello, we can't find the option to activate the 'view more' button in the web widget. Can someone please help?

  • Thomas Verschoren

    As far as I know the view more option when searching for Guide articles is gone. It'll only show the best 10 results now in the list based on prior user actions (how many people read an article, create a follow up ticket,...)

  • Patrick Bosmans


    Thomas is correct, we removed that button feature early 2018 to lessen the number of clicks for users to navigate the widget.

  • Yair Zamir

    When setting 'Theme color' of widget to white (ffffff) the 'view original article' button is also colored in white, and therefore invisible. Is there a way to fix or workaround this issue?


  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi Yair,

    My thoughts are that you could edit the originalArticleButton object specifically and change the color of it? According to the color editing options you ought to be able to set a unique color for the 'button' element.


  • Karl Mahrenholz

    Hi, is it possible to reorder the contact options that are displayed in the web widget? I have call us, live chat and quick message options but I want to make sure live chat is the 1st option. Currently it’s call us on top


  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Is the documentation here correct RE filtering by label?

    In the api docs it says the property should be 'label' but here it is 'label_names'.



  • Mary Paez

    We are thinking of implementing web widget.  However, our portal is open to anyone.  We would like to do the following:

    if a customer goes to type into the web widget, that it asks the user to login with their portal account.  This way if the user creates a ticket, that they are not just any user.  They must be a registered customer to do this.

    Is there a way to do this? And how?


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