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We know that many of our customers want to use the Web Widget to embed customer service on their websites but require a bit of flexibility when integrating the Widget to match their designs, brands and user needs.  

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new bundle of JavaScript APIs that provide greater flexibility to change the placement, look, and feel of the Web Widget on your websites and web pages.

You can now:

  • Position and offset the placement of the Web Widget.

  • Change the theme color on particular pages or sites.


  • Determine which features to surface on specific pages or to specific customers.
Contact Form Knowledge base search Knowlege base search & chat


  • Customize text with locale-based translations.

  • Include a Subject line in your default contact form.

  • Hide the “View Original Article” button on knowledge base articles.

  • Change the transparency or Z-index of the Web Widget.

  • Automatically filter knowledge base searches to specified categories, sections or labels.


  • Use a custom launcher to launch the Widget from within your site.

To learn more about how the Web Widget can help you better engage with your end-users, visit Using the Web Widget to Embed Customer Service in your Website.

To learn more about these features visit Advanced Customization of your Web Widget.


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    Great to see these improvements. Do you have plans to increase the number of custom fields that can be used in the web widget? This is the main limitation preventing us from using the feature.

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    Thanks Kathryn! We are exploring custom fields and ticket forms enhancements. I don't have an exact answer for what we'll be doing or a timetable, but it's something we're looking into. Thanks for letting us know of your need.

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    Is it now possible to add in another live chat option or is it still restricted to zopim?  Also is it possible to customize which FAQs we prioritise on different pages of our website?  Thanks for the efforts in improving this.

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    Great news, Erica -- thanks for the run-down of new customization options.

    We are very interested in learning more about some of the UI customizations now possible.  Specifically, how can we create a custom "launcher" button to launch the widget?  And would a custom launcher take the place of the default "button"?  In the API docs, it is clear how one would invoke `` and `zE.hide` to enact launching and closing, but is there a simple way to assign a custom launcher element to replace the default div in the iframe (ideally a DOM element on our own page)?  

    Can you please advise and / or point us to the docs about this?  Thank you!

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    I really like the new look & increased flexibility of the widget!

    Are there any plans to allow more robust versions of the contact form widget?  Being able to deploy page-specific forms would be incredibly useful for use cases beyond a very basic contact form, such as contextual support for different products/features.  

    Injecting different forms to standardize data capture for a variety of requests directly on the page (without diverting to help center, ideally) would make this an A++ update for me.

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    Thanks for all of your enthusiasm for our announcement and additional questions.

    @sandra, The Web Widget currently integrates with Zopim chat. You can use the Contextual Help feature to include suggested articles and you can customize these with zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions JS API. 

    @les We have seen implementations where our customers create their own button on their page that triggers the Web Widget to open. They uses zE.activate to open the Widget. I'm not sure if that addresses your question fully but I'd be happy to field it via email if not.

    @matt Thanks for letting us know of your use case. We are exploring custom fields and ticket forms enhancements. I don't have an ETA or specific feature set yet, but it's something we are working on. 

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    Nice to see that the subject line is back, but how can i access to this field after submitting the contact form?

    Per my testing I did not see it set as ticket subject/there is extra field containing its content ?

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    Hi Juno: Thanks for writing. I'm going to create a ticket to help troubleshoot this with you.

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    This is halfway to what we need! We have a lot of helpcenter content that we need to limit based on the organization of the signed in user, and we're hoping to get this widget into the custom, per client websites our SaaS application lives on.  With this we can match the theme to the websites, but we still need to be able to filter help center content based on an organization matched to a website.

    If there was a way to say website A gets to see content assigned to Org A, and website B gets to see content thats been assigned to org B, that would be amazing.

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    Hi Ryan:
    We have built an ability to limit the search results on a per page basis with sections, categories and labels. I'm wondering if you could use this feature for your use case. You can read more about it here

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    Hi, are their plans to add the ability to change the opacity? Thanks, Luke. 

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    Hi @luke: Can you be a bit more specific with your use case and what you are looking for with regard to the opacity of the Web Widget? Thanks!

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    Hi Erica, We have a web application that shows users the location of their assets over a map. Other toolbars on the map are slightly transparent so that users can see behind them if need be. We are just getting a few complaints (believe it or not) that the feedback button is in the way. 

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