Ticket fields not appearing in correct order

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  • Conza

    Hi team,

    I understand that using 'ticket forms' (you can swap around what ticket fields appear where) that is NOT the problem or issue. 

    In the actual "ticket fields' screen, I want to be able to re-order these. I see this used to be possible. Why is it not anymore? 

    With 1,500 possible ticket fields, surely the ability to re-order these is possible? 

    Use case - need various in-depth drop downs... e.g. Feedback -> In store shopping -> What State? -> Which Store? 

    I need a separate field for each state, showing just the stores in that state. There's many states. So many fields under this grouping, having them all over the place sucks... and not being able to re-order is worse. 

    Also why is there no ability to "clone" ticket field? 

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Conza,

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your use case. That definitely makes sense why sorting within the actual ticket fields section itself would make a big difference for keeping things organized! I've marked this as product feedback but I do recommend sharing your use case and feedback in our actual product feedback section to get that publicly posted where our product team will be looking for it. You can find that section here: Feedback on Support.

    In the meantime the best work around would be to use the available sorting features such as the Filters button, or sorting by one of the columns. I know that's not a perfect solution in any way, but hopefully it helps a bit.

    To your question about cloning a ticket field, while it is not possible to clone a field directly, I expect the biggest pain point would be dropdown or multi select fields that have a ton of options you have to re add. In this situation you can always download a CSV of the options, and then when making a new field, upload that CSV to add all the options quickly:

    I hope that helps!


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