Insights email schedules: Global vs Private

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  • Pete

    If I created a scheduled emailed report, how can I view/edit/delete a schedule?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Pete,

    You can do the following to to view/edit/delete a scheduled email you've set up:

    1. Click the Reporting icon () in the sidebar then select the Insights tab.
    2. Click the GoodData link.
    3. Select Manage > Emailing Dashboards. In this menu you will have the option to edit or delete existing scheduled dashboard emails. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Dan Nie

    I am trying schedule a report from Dashboards for external email address (non-agent). But it turns out I am only allowed to do it for a Single Dashboard. So I have to repeat same schedule for multiple dashboards. I don't want recipients to receive multiple emails for multiple dashboards. Is there any trick to let recipients (non-agent) receive only ONE email with multiple PDF reports (Dashboard reports)?

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Dan, can you have one aggregated dashboard with tabs cloned from all other dashboards you want to include in your email and then just email all tabs from that dashboard to your recipient?

    Also, is your external email address an end-user in your zendesk? I'm not sure you can send to anyone aside from agents/end-users. 


  • Dan Nie

    Thanks, Dan :)

    I did try to do it in that way as what you suggested. But seemed it bring out another problem when I cloned one tab from another Dashboard.Basically now there are two cloned tabs (tab 1 and tab 2) in one Dashboard, i.e. tab 1 is for our Team A, and tab 2 is for our Team B. However, when I chose Team A in the tab 1, I can't choose Team B for the tab 2, because both tabs are changed to same Team at same time. I can't choose A or B individually.

    Not sure what I did incorrectly.

  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    @Dan Nie 

    You may consider sending the scheduled report / dashboard to yourself (or another agent), and set up some auto-forwarding rule on the email side - both Outlook and Gmail support that.


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