How to use JIRA Filters to see Zendesk Tickets in JIRA

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  • Ben

    I can see the Jira_escalated tag on my Zendesk ticket but it does not come through to JIRA ?? Have you heard of this issue? I checked all of our linked tickets in Jira and none of them have this tag in JIRA.

  • Philip Z.

    Hi Ben, Thank you for submitting this question, it sounds like there may be something wrong with your configuration. I'll see you in a support ticket to gather more details about this.

  • George Mogilevsky

    is it possible to pass Organization (or maybe even some more fields) from zendesk into jira into a specific field? like i want to create a field on jira that would hold Organization and every time issue is linked to jira from zendesk, this value should be passed onto jira? the purpose of that is for reports, to have a report about jira issues by customer Organization

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey George - 

    I'd encourage you to head over to the Zendesk Integrations topic in the Community to see if you can get some answers from other users over there. 

  • Igor Kosoy

    Great information. How I can populate Custom field with affected Customer name? 

    Thank you.

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi Igor -

    I believe you may have luck posting over on our integrations topic in the Community to see if there are more detailed answers available. For the time you may be interested in reviewing our documentation on syncing custom fields here: Using the Jira field syncing feature

  • Keith Shaw

    Was this feature removed ?

    I cannot find any labels added to the Jira as a result of coming from the Zendesk app. 

    We love the app / add-on but are looking for a solid way to report what is being sent in JIRA & Zendesk.
    So managers in either system can keep on eye on this process.

    Community does not seem to know either. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Keith -

    This feature has not changed. Would you like me to create a ticket for you so that we can get someone into troubleshooting your account?


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