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  • Michael Ripke

    The resolution mentions "Different Causes" and "Often Times"

    I'm looking for those different causes and the issues other than often times. This issue also seems to go away for us after closing the browser or going to another screen. That "fixes" the issue but it doesn't help our agents when they lose notes they've written. 

    This seems to happen more frequently over the last few weeks. 

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Michael, 

    I notice that you already have a ticket open with us on this issue so our agents will help you identify the exact cause but another really common one is that you have a required field that isn't filled out. This will prevent the ticket from being solved. 

    It could also be related to outdated cached data in your browser so a good first step is to try clearing your browser's cache and cookies and see if that resolves the issue. 

    There are a few far less common causes but they're usually not as simple as a setting so usually require our agents working with you to troubleshoot. 


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