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When my Zendesk Support notifies me of a received request or when a customer replies to an existing request, the email notifications display my account name in the email title as the sender. Why doesn't this display the requester's name or their email instead?


When customers reach out to your Support account, they are actually emailing the address of your Support account and not any specific agent. Your Support account receives this email and generates a new notification, which is then sent to your agent email. 

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    I understand how this email gets generated and why it has to come from the zendesk system and not spoof the customer's From address. However, this creates a problem in that the customer's name appears as the sender, but their email address is not actually theirs. If any light agent (or agent, depending on your settings) responds to this, they think they are responding to Joe Customer, because it literally says that they are, but they are not.

    This has already created problems many times for us where staff believed they were following up on a request, anyone viewing the case had no simple way to know that staff member hadn't reached the customer from their email client directly, since it looks exactly the same in the ticket, yet nobody actually responded to the customer. 

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    Hi Peter- 

    Sorry for the confusion here! With email in Zendesk all communication is sent through and from Zendesk. Meaning when an agent replies to a Zendesk ticket the following workflow occurs: 

    1. Zendesk ticket comment is added in Support
    2. Trigger(s) fires and sends emails notifications to the requester and other agents 
    3. The trigger generated emails arrive in the user's inboxes 
    4. The users reply to the email 
    5. The reply is added to the Zendesk Support ticket
    6. Zendesk Support triggers then send the reply to other agents on the ticket and the requester 

    When replying emails from Zendesk, the role of the user sending the update is respected. In general, Light agents are not able to add public comments so if they reply to an email Zendesk will notice their permissions level and update the ticket accordingly. Replying from an email inbox to a Zendesk Support ticket email does not change this behavior. 

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    The Personalized Email Replies setting is the one in question here - btw I got that from posting this to the product forum and getting the right answer - and it causes this confusion. We have turned it off. The bottom line is it is incompatible with the Light Agent role; presumably the development of those two features was independent. The correct function would be for the Personalized Email Replies setting to only apply to Agents and Light Agents, because a reply to the ticket would in fact get relayed by Zendesk to the addressee, even though the email address provided initially would be the zendesk address, not the addressee's address. 

    However, this is not really the subject of the original question, although related. When I turn on Personalized Email Replies, since I do not have Organizations set up all my customers end up in my company's own (default) organization, and then this appears next to their name as if they work here. An example would be "Joe Schmo (NewTek)". There should be some way to turn this off. 

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