Can I exclude an article from search results? Follow


Can I exclude an article from search results?


There isn't a default function in the Help Center to exclude an article from search results, however, we have the following workarounds:

  •  Using restricted content in your Help Center: by restricting the access to articles to only certain users, the articles will be excluded from the search results for unauthorized users too.
  •  Putting the article into Draft mode: mark the article you wish to exclude from the search as a Draft, simply click  Edit Article > mark it as a Draft > Update.
  • Using custom JavaScript or jQuery, specifically the .hide function in jQuery would be the best option for custom code. 



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    I'm trying to add an article in draft mode, but I cannot see this option.  In edit mode there is no draft/published in the top right as indicated in the screen shot above.


    How do I control draft/published?

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    Hi Alison!

    As long as you're in edit mode, that option should definitely show up for you. Can you post a screenshot of what you're looking at?

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