Can agents submit satisfaction ratings on tickets?

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  • Michael Ripke

    Is it possible to turn off notifications of user satisfaction ratings for agents? I've seen in the triggers portion on how to setup a specific rule to which is:"requester" is not "Assignee" Which I assume means that if the requester closes their own ticket, they would not receive the notification.

    It isn't clear if that is for all agents or only requesters that are the closing agents. I see that you can make the logic state specific agents however adding each agent into the rule doesn't easily scale. 

    Is there a way to set the rules so that all agents do not receive the notification without having to include agent into the rule logic?


  • James Sanford

    Hey Michael!

    This article is to clarify that if an Agent is a ticket requester that even if they receive the the email requesting them to rate their satisfaction that they will not be able to leave that feedback.  The method of preventing this type of email from going to your agents at all is by adding the Requester: Role Is Not (agent) condition to your CSAT automation.

    By default there is not any sort of Trigger that would send these types of updates to your agents when a customer leaves their satisfaction response so I have a feeling you may have created one to accomplish this.  However, without digging into the specifics of your account I cannot say for certain.  As such I'm going to pull you into a ticket so I can gather some additional information regarding your account and address this based on the specifics of your configuration.

    I look forward to speaking to you there!

  • Heather Cook

    Will this functionality be modified in the future?

    Our Zendesk instance is internal, which means the ticket requester can have the access role of agent. This means we really struggle to get ticket feedback. If it would be possible for the requester to provide feedback no matter their role, this would help us to improve the experience our users have.

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Heather, 

    I do not believe our developers are planning on implementing this feature at this time for the reasons expressed in the article above. However, given that you have a fairly good use case I would encourage you to add this request to our Product Feedback page. Our developers check this page regularly for ideas of new features to implement and other customers can vote for your request if they would like to see it too! 

  • Terence Kennedy

    I'm definitely with @heather cook on this one.  This is valuable feedback mechanism that shouldn't be restricted to end-user role only.  Something as simple as allowing Agents who are the requester to only give feedback if they are not the assignee (or even the same group as the assignee if that is Zendesk's concern) should be enough.  People who are worried abuot "gaming the system" should be able to modify or remove the trigger or mechanism if they wish (or alternately add depending on what you consider to be the default)

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Terence. 

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Darn!  I'm sad to see such a short number of comments here.  I want this badly.  

    I don't see the workaround of having a separate login email account for Agents to use as Users being feasible for us.

    Fingers crossed this will be something we can flip on and off.  

    Thanks, Elizabeth 

  • Tulus Imaro

    Can you remove the survey under "View Original Email" once the ticket is reopened? It is proven that agent can rate it. Contact me.

  • Gail Leinweber

    Hi Tulus,

    You will be getting an email from Zendesk so they we can get some account specific information.


  • William Bray

    I'd like to throw my two cents in.  I agree that agents shouldn't be able to rate tickets in their own group or ones to which they are assigned.  But we have several departments using ZenDesk in their own groups, and since agents are prohibited from rating ANY ticket, we get no ratings from their groups whatsoever.  

    Is there a workaround for this type of scenario?  

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    In such agreement on this! 

    I still cannot believe it's not something the Admin cannot enable/disable.  I really hope this is achieved soon.  It will be so nice to be able to acknowledge colleagues, who just happen to be fellow-agents, for their efforts! 

    Please make it happen for us, Zen peops!!!  Have a great one!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, all. I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback topic, which Product Managers are subscribed to and receive notifications on. 

  • Brad Bilotta

    Agents are End-Users too.  Need Agents to be able to Rate Tickets on Another Brand (which we use for departments)...I also went to Product Feedback and added to that request also.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks, Brad! The product feedback topics are the right spot for that.

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Yes!  I agree with you, Brad Bilotta.  Agents are end-users, too.  That, in and of itself, is enough to make this an option we administrators would LOVE to control.  Thanks Zen peops.  Love Zendesk!!!

  • Dana Bowlin

    This needs to be addressed again.  I have added an idea to the product feedback.



  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Back for a third (I know, annoying) time to keep this request afloat!  Please make this happen in 2019!!!

    Thanks a ton!


  • Anton Maslov

    Our use-case is that we also use Zendesk for internal teams projects.

    @Nicole - Community Manager  - might be a good idea to add a link to corresponding requests into that article, so people who find that article may see and vote for such a feature.

  • Ashish Sharma

    Our internal IT department use Zendesk to track tickets from anywhere in the business. Some parts of the business (such as projects teams or customer success managers/sales) need to be able to see tickets and provide notes to assist the client support team in getting it through to resolution, and therefore have Light Agent accounts. They will also need to (at some point) reach out to the IT department to have their personal technical issues resolved (computer, software, network, access requests, etc) and the IT department now have a CSAT KPI. I have now discovered that Light Agents cannot provide CSAT ratings because of this limitation. Please can you get this feature on the road map for 2019. 


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