Why am I seeing differences in Google Analytics versus Help Center reporting overview?

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  • Emily Knox

    Does this also apply to searches? I'm comparing search data from the last 30 days between Google Analytics "Site Search" dashboard and Zendesk's "Search" Reporting dashboard and I'm seeing major discrepancies. For example, the term "rtmp" -- GA indicates it was searched 60 times in the last 30 days, whereas it doesn't even appear in ZD's search dashboard (it's a common acronym in streaming, so I have a hard time believing no one searched for it in a month). 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Emily - 

    Yes, there do seem to be similar discrepancies. I would trust the information you get out of Google Analytics on searches. 

  • Quentin

    Hi guys,

    would you say it's also the case for Article ratings? because I've noticed discrepancies of around 16% with a smaller number of votes in  Google Analytics compared to Zendesk Insight (or directly reading the number on the article).

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hey Quentin,

    This would also be the case where you would want to trust Google Analytics over our Reporting Dashboard.  Google Analytics is setup to view granular data and usage of your Help Center whereas the native Reporting Dashboard is not set up to filter in the same vein.

    Additionally, Insights reporting through Good Data does not have the ability to grab Guide data.  The service only picks up ticket data from your Zendesk account.  Again another reason to use Google Analytics for this type of reporting.

    I hope this helps answer your question!

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    This is a bit of a mind-boggling topic, so if someone from Zendesk could confirm the following, I'd really appreciate it.

    Let's see if I'm getting this right, about criteria to compare Zendesk views to Google Analytics:

    1) You can only compare Insights filtered to "Help Center"

    2) Google Analytics ("GA"): you want pageviews, NOT unique pageviews

    3) Filter Google Analytics for /articles/ URLs

    Zendesk Insights seems to count article-based hits" (?) exclusively. Therefore, you need to add ga:pagePath=~(articles) to your GA report filter, in order to only consider article pageviews.

    With these criteria configured on Google Analytics (screenshot from the GA add-on for Google Sheets), I get a very low var. between Zendesk and GA, in 4 out of 8 brands:

    It could be there's something configured differently on those GA accounts... if not, then no idea why the discrepance.

    Does anyone use different criteria? Any hints?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi Zendesk team, could you please shed some light regarding the criteria mentioned in comment above?

    If there's a more appropriate article I should be commenting on, please let me know.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Pedro - 

    You're welcome to ask questions on whichever article you feel is most relevant to your query. 

    If you'd like your question to receive more visibility by other users, I encourage you to post it in the Community, specifically in the Guide Troubleshooting and Q&A topic

    Am I understanding correctly that you're trying to get your numbers from Google Analytics and Insights to match?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi, Nicole! That's right, I'd like to know what are the criteria I must use to match Zendesk's. I've posted this on that forum as well, thanks for your assistance!


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