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Campaigns are targeted, proactive messages that inform, educate, or notify a segment or CSV list of customers.

In order for In-Product Messages to work, you need to install a code snippet on their website, or add it to their Help Center. See Installing the Connect code snippet for more information.

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The Campaigns page

To access the Connect Campaigns page

  1. Click the Products icon in the top toolbar of your Zendesk, and select Connect.
  2. Click Campaigns in the left toolbar.

The Campaigns screen lists all of your existing campaigns, organized into a sortable table.

The Campaigns table includes the following columns:

  • Name, the title of the campaign.
  • Type, what kind of campaign it is. Currently, only IPM (In-Product Message) is available.
  • Total Recipients, how many individuals received the campaign.
  • Seen, how many individuals have viewed the campaign.
  • Clicked CTA , how many individuals have clicked the campaign's call to action button.
  • Author, the campaign creator.
  • Source, the segment or CSV used by the campaign.
  • Status, whether the campaign is a draft, live, scheduled, paused, completed, or if an error has occurred.
  • Created At, the date the campaign was created.

You can narrow the number of campaigns displayed in this table using the Filter drop-down.

To filter the campaign list

  1. Click the Filter drop-down menu at the top of the campaigns list.

  2. Select the filter you want to apply to the campaign list.

Creating and sending campaigns

Campaigns are created on the campaign builder page:

The campaign builder takes you through the steps for building a campaign, and gives you the option to send, or save, the campaign.

You can access the campaign builder in two ways:
  • On the Campaigns page, click the New Campaign button.
  • On a saved segment page, click the Send Campaign button.

To create a campaign

  1. Open the campaign builder using one of the above methods.
  2. On the Setup page, enter a name for the new campaign.
  3. Select a medium:
    • For the EAP, In-Product message is pre-selected. This creates a campaign that displays messages to users in the segments you define, based on their location on your support site.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Design page, enter the following:
    • Introduction: Enter the text you want to appear at the top of the message. This can be a greeting, a person's name, etc.
    • Message: Enter the text you want to use for the message.
    • Button Text: Enter a call to action (a short word or phrase) to display in the message button. For instance, if you are asking your customers to acknowledge the information in the message, you might want to enter "Thanks, I got the message!"
    • Button Link: (Optional) Enter the URL you want to link to when the customer clicks the button. If this field is left blank, clicking the CTA button closes the message box, which is useful if you want to inform customers of something without needing them to visit another page.

      You can use a relative URL in this field, if you want to point customers to specific web pages. The start of the URL, before the relative path, is based on where the recipient receives the message. For example, using the relative button link /connect appends the current URL received by the customer with "/connect". So, if a customer receives an IPM on "", they will be taken to "".

    • Avatar: Click Attach to select an image to accompany the message.
    • Button Color: Click to open a color picker, or enter the hexadecimal number for the color you want to use.

      As you enter these elements, a preview of the campaign appears in the right-side column. Use the buttons at the top of the column to preview the Desktop and Mobile versions of the campaign.

  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Recipients page, enter the following:
    • Recipients: Select Segment or CSV to indicate the type of source you're pulling your campaign targets from. If you accessed the builder using the Send Campaign button on a segment page, that segment is pre-selected here.
    • Segments or CSV: If you selected Segment in the step above, use the drop-down menu to choose the segment you're targeting; If you selected CSV, drag or browse to the CSV file you're using.
    • If you selected Segments above, select Only target existing segment members to show your IPM to users that are currently in the segment; deselect if you want to target users who are in the segment at the time the campaign is deployed.
  8. Click Next.
  9. On the Scheduling page, enter the following, if you want to schedule your campaign, rather than launching it manually:
    • Click Set start date and time, then use the calendar and clock entry boxes to select the date and time you want the campaign to start.
    • Click Set end date and time, then use the calendar and clock entry boxes to select the date and time you want the campaign to end.

  10. Click Next.
  11. On the Review page:
    • Verify the information you included in the Setup and Design pages.
    • Click Launch Live Preview to see what the campaign will look like to users.
    • Note the number of Recipients, users who will receive the campaign. This number may be impacted by your selections on the previous screen.
  12. Click Send now to deliver the campaign immediately, or click the Campaigns icon to save the campaign as a draft and return to the Campaigns page.

Viewing and editing campaigns

You can view an existing campaign, or edit a campaign.

To view and edit a campaign

  1. On the Campaigns page, scroll through the table to locate the campaign you want to open.
  2. Click the name of the campaign you want to view to open it in the campaign builder.
  3. Click Next until you reach the information you want to edit.
  4. Update the information as described above in Creating and sending campaigns.
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  • 1


    I have tried the new feature. it is very cool.

    There is one question: after admin send the campaign, how long will the end-user receive the message ?

    I waited for many hours to receive the message.

  • 0

    @Haley, yes I'm having the same issue.

    The code does seem to be working in one respect because when I view the user profile in the connect admin screen I can see the growing history of the HC articles they've viewed. The problem is that the end-users never seems to be sent the campaign message.

  • 2

    Hi! what happens, when user happens to be selected for 2 campaigns? Which campaign will have a priority?  

  • 0

    In my helpcenter theme there are neither </header> or </footer> tags

    I've added this script where it seems best (end of header and footer files) but it isnt displaying for the test segment.

  • 0

    I can also confirm that the data from visited articles in the helpcenter is showing in Connect - however this could be pulled directly from 'Support' code, not necessarily the Connect script.

  • 0

    @Haley - the end-user should receive the message within a few seconds - it may just require a refresh.  Were you able to get the message to work?

    @Peter - thanks for the alerting me to these outstanding questions.  We'll look into your setup to figure out why messages are not appearing

    @Anton - if a user is eligible for multiple campaigns, they will see the first campaign that was created.  There is a default cap of 1 message seen per 24 hours, so the user would see the second campaign next time they login at least 1 day after seeing the first message

    @Andrew - were you able to get the message to work?  If not we'll reply to the best location to add the code in the absence of a Header or Footer. 



  • 0

    Hello Tim - yes got this working.  Placing was relatively obvious - but still instructions say header and footer tags which are not present in at least some themes... and maybe none of them?

  • 0

    @Tim - We have some additional questions in regards to, "There is a default cap of 1 message seen per 24 hours, so the user would see the second campaign next time they login at least 1 day after seeing the first message" 

    The "next time they login"... does that mean that the subsequent campaigns for eligible users are only triggered when a user logs in? So hypothetically, if a user kept themselves logged in to our Help Center for several days, they would not see the second, subsequent campaign notice unless they logged out and logged back in? 

    Also, are campaigns clocked based on a general 24 hour clock or on the user’s activity? Meaning if the first campaign was viewed sometime on Monday, then on Tuesday at 12am or anytime after, the next campaign would be available? If so, what timezone is this based on, our selected setting in ZD or is there a global clock value like UTC? Or is the next campaign relative to each user? User viewed first campaign at 4pm on Monday, so would not see second campaign until at least 4pm on Tuesday, viewing times then vary per eligible user?

  • 0

    Any idea when the "per website" part of the campaigns will be added - we have 3 or 4 different sites where we want to display different messages - I can not use segments as all our users may not be in Zendesk and if they where, I would not know who to choose - so this "only on this website" is really important for us - if we can get this to work - I am quite sure we will get onboard with Connect as we do not need to build this feature ourselfs.

  • 0

    @Tara - thanks for the questions and for trying out Connect!  To confirm, a user can stay signed in to your site and be eligible to receive a second message without logging out and logging back in.  So a single user can receive multiple messages within a single login session - each each message delivered at least 24 hours apart. 

    The campaign clock is based on the individual user's activity, so if user viewed first campaign on Mon @ 4pm - they would receive the second campaign the next time they visit your site after Tues @ 4pm (while still logged in or re-logging back in).  This 24-hour clock will vary per user.  

    Would you have a preference to customize the frequency of messages shown?  If desired, the 1 message per 24 hour default cap can be removed for your account altogether. 


    Edited by Tim Nguyen
  • 0

    @Martin - the ability to target different messages to different pages or sites is on our roadmap, but unfortunately we don't have a timeframe for availability yet.  We have your request noted, so we will absolutely keep you posted on when we have more details on timing.   

    As an alternative, you can place the Connect code snippet only on the pages where you want the message to appear - the message will only show on those pages to any logged-in user (regardless if they are currently in your Zendesk or not).  This wouldn't allow you to send different messages to different sites - but would limit the message(s) to only appear on certain pages/sites.  

  • 0

    Thanks Tim, we would almost always have separate messages for each website (except if we have server maintenance), so I will just wait for this to be code and I really look forward to it, because it is exactly what we need for making sure we reach our users...

    Hope its sooner than later ;)

    As for how often you can receive a message, I would hope it would be faster than 24 hours - in fact, I would expect if I had 3 live campains, it would show the next as soon as I dismiss the first.

  • 0

    @Martin - thanks for the feedback!  The ability to customize the frequency between messages is also on our roadmap.  

    For now, we can remove the 1 message per 24 hour cap altogether for your account if you'd like.  If you'd wish to proceed with that option, please confirm and we'll remove the cap for your account. 

  • 0

    Yes, please remove the cap - however, I will not be a heavy user until we can differentiate between different websites - but general messages for all our user about our servers can be useful - but we really need to be able to differentiate between each website (subsites as well, as they are all on the same domain).

  • 0

    @Martin - I went ahead and removed the limit for your account, so your customers are now eligible to see multiple messages within a 24-hour period.  Noted that the ability to serve different messages to different websites is a requirement on your end to become a heavier user of Connect.  We will definitely keep you posted!

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