Required ticket fields and conditional fields

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  • Yanko Chakarov
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    I completely agree with Wijnand.


    It does not really make sense to change something that was working well in the past.

  • James Sanford
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    Hey All!

    We see your requests for the ability to prevent any update but the ability to prevent that ticket submission is not available without utilizing an app.  Since Conditional Fields is no longer an app it cannot have that same functionality anymore and does require a move to an app based solution if you wish to keep that functionality moving forward.

    Please note that this functionality would not have prevented tickets from being solved/closed via your Automations if you are running into that issue - if you do not wish for those tickets to be closed out without your required information I would recommend adding those field values as a condition for the Automaton to run so they are not being closed out without that.

  • Thomas de Silva
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    Hi guys.


    Regarding "Required Fields" please take a look at this app:


    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva

    Zendesk Consultant @


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