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User profiles show the interactions that an organization has had with individual end-user or agent, via Zendesk, as well as basic user information.

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The User Profile page

To open a user's profile page

  1. Click a segment the user is included in.
  2. Locate the user's entry in the segment list.
  3. Click the user's name:

    The user's profile opens.

  4. To exit the user profile, use the Back button, or click the Segments or Campaigns icons in the sidebar.

Each user profile page includes the following information:

  • Their Profile details, including their role, organization, email, and other user info.
  • The Segments they belong to.
  • Their Timeline, a list of interaction events they've had with Zendesk Support.

Viewing Timeline events

When you click on an event in a user's timeline, it expands to display details about that event, and link to related tickets, articles, and web pages.

The details for an event vary, depending on the event type. For instance, the event details below are for a ticket creation event:

It includes the ticket's status, subject, latest comment, and submission medium. It also includes a View Ticket button, which when clicked opens the ticket in a new tab.

Timeline events for other types of interactions will include relevant information, such as the time an article was opened, or how long the user spent on your website and what pages they viewed. Links to the viewed articles and pages are also included in the event details, allowing you to follow their thread and better understand their relationship with your website.

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