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If you're interested in trying out Connect, you can request to join the Early Access Program (EAP). The Connect EAP is similar to a beta release program, in that authorized customers can use the product before a general availability release, with the understanding that it is still in development.

The Connect EAP hopes to gather regular feedback from users to determine whether a wider release is appropriate, as well as changes and improvements that can be made to the product.

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Customer requirements and expectations

The Connect EAP isn't right for every Zendesk customer - and not every customer is right for the EAP. We've found it is most applicable to customers in the SaaS, retail, education, and gaming industries.

Connect is available to Zendesk Support Essential, Team, Professional, or Enterprise Plan customers. Inbox customers are not eligible.

You may find Connect useful if you...

  • ...Want to be more proactive.
    • Current Connect customers (using it in its previous incarnation, called 'People') tend to be those concerned with providing the best customer experience throughout the customer journey .
    • In-Product Message Campaigns resonate with you because you want to proactively notify their customers with a welcome, new feature notification or upcoming support announcement.
  • ...Are willing to make an extra effort.
    • You may need to bring new data onto the Zendesk platform to create specific segments of customers you're are interested in, by applying custom user fields or importing data on more of your customer base.
  • ...Want to better understand your customer base.
    • Connect tracks different sub-groups of your customers.
  • ...Use these current Zendesk tools.
    • Customer Lists. You already understand segmentation, creating lists of customers using filters. Connect offers a purpose built tool for them to do this and in-built proactive campaigns.
    • Pathfinder. You know that context is king when it comes to understanding the behavior and intention of your customers. Connect extends Pathfinder by offering a customer-centric user profile outside of the context of one individual ticket, displaying all the interactions an organization has had with an individual via Zendesk products.
    • Web Widget/Mobile SDK. You value proposition of embeddability - providing in-context support. Connect enhances this by allowing you to proactively engage with their customers directly on their website through in-product messages.
    • NPS (Net Promoter Score). You're already using Zendesk Support to proactively send NPS surveys to their customers and care about ensuring a great customer experience. Connect allows them to broaden their proactive messaging to inform, educate or notify their customers and tailor the message to different segments of customers.

Connect basics

Connect is a separate product from the Zendesk Support interface, that leverages the same user data. It allows you to filter your customer base into groups of users with shared qualities (called Segments) and develop targeted, proactive communications for them (called Campaigns). It also tracks your interactions with individual customers (User Profiles)

  • Segments are created using filters, based on user attributes, events, and custom fields. They can be dynamic, checking users for attributes when a campaign is run, or static, collecting a list of users with those attributes when the segment is created. For more information on segments, see Working with Connect segments.
  • Campaigns are targeted, proactive messages that appear only to those end-users who meet the criteria in particular segments, or who are uploaded via CSV. For more information on campaigns, see Working with Connect campaigns.
  • User Profiles allow you to see how you have interacted with specific end-users, and how they've interacted with you using the Zendesk family of products, including page visits, article and community post views, and ticketing. For more information on user profiles, see Working with Connect user profiles.

Applying for the EAP

You can apply for the Connect EAP by filling out the form at Once we receive your application form, we'll assess your account to determine your eligibility.

If your account is accepted, we'll enable Connect for your Zendesk subdomain, and provide access to Connect for all Zendesk Support admins, and any non-admin agent that has the Connect toggle set on their user profile. Admins or agents with the Connect toggle will see and access Connect via the Product Tray. Agents that do not have the Connect toggle set to ON will not be able to access the Connect product.

All accepted accounts can ask questions and provide product feedback by emailing Members of the Connect product and engineering teams, product champions, and assigned solution consultants will monitor incoming feedback and be on hand to answer questions.

Once accepted into the program, we'll send you a welcome email with information you'll need to install Connect, including a link to the Getting Started page.

Getting started with Connect

When your account is accepted into the EAP, all Zendesk Support administrators on that account are given access to Connect. However, if you want to add any non-admin agents to Connect, you'll have to enable it for them in their profile, using the Connect toggle.

To activate Connect for an agent on your account

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Manage > People.
  2. Locate the agent you want to add to Connect, and click Edit.
  3. In the sidebar, find the Connect toggle and click to turn it on:

  4. Repeat these steps to add additional agents to Connect, as needed.

When everyone is added to Connect, you can begin creating campaigns and segments.

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