Discrepancies between Insights and Reporting Overview

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  • Jose Resendiz

    I would love to see the Reporting Overview reflect the customer's setup by removing deleted tickets and using business hours if they are being used. I would imagine that most would agree that data is only useful if it's reflective of reality otherwise, it's not actionable or relevant, perhaps just interesting. As an illustration, we all use a mirror when we get ready in the morning to make any needed changes to our appearance so that we are presentable. But what good it would it be if the reflection was not accurate? It would simply be useless piece of glass.

  • Vera Henrichs

    Hello and thank you for this article, it answers my questions about the differences.

    I would like to see that when you make a report, it shows the numbers you want.
    So maybe it's possible to set it up like you want? Or maybe you can change the Reporting Overview like you want?

    Because I made a report to see my monthly number in 1 place, but as I see now, I can't use it. 


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