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I have reports I've created within Insights. When I compare the data on my Insights reports, it doesn't match up with the data on my Reporting Overview. What is causing this data discrepancy between these two reporting tools?


The cause of discrepancy can vary depending on what kind of report you are looking at. Outlined below are common causes of discrepancies between Insights reports and the Reporting Overview.

Deleted tickets

The Reporting Overview does not filter out deleted tickets from its data set, whereas Insights does exclude deleted tickets. Their inclusion in the Reporting Overview can skew the data on reports available here. 

Solved tickets and reopens

The Reporting Overview will only capture the date when a ticket was first solved - meaning, even if the ticket is reopened and solved at a later date, the solve will only display on the date the ticket was first moved to the solved status. Insights will display the ticket as solved on the most recent date it moved to that status. 

Business Hours

This is the most common issue that leads to discrepancies with any time-based metric, such as first reply time or full resolution time. The Reporting Overview does not take into account your business hours, even if you have a business hour schedule setup within your Zendesk Support account. Insights reports can be configured with the [Biz Hrs] metrics to calculate times within your business hours. 


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