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    Sharon Combs

    I would like to have a bar chart that shows the percentage of satisfied responses each agent received of the last week.  I have it mostly built, but I would like the chart to go from 50% to 100%, not 0% to 100%.  Changing the min and max under the Axis Y section to .5 to 1 doesn't work.  What am I doing wrong?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Sharon! Welcome to the Community. :)

    I'm going to see if one of our Insights experts can weigh in on this. In the mean time, can you post a screen shot of how you have your report built? This'll help us identify what might be going wrong.

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    Nhia Lor

    Hey Sharon.  I've just tried to set up a similar report based on what you're after and am getting the expected results you're looking for as far as I do understand.

    I set the Y axis which is currently my % Satisfaction Score to min = 0.5, max = 1 and number of ticks = 2.  Below is my result.


    Was this what you've tried as well?

    If you're still having some difficulties please feel free to share a screenshot of your report configurations and results so we can take a closer look!

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