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Is it possible to make macros available to multiple groups without them being available to everyone?


Yes, this is now available to all customers with the “groups” feature in their plan (Enterprise, Professional, and Team).

To share a macro with multiple groups:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Manage > Macros
  2. Open up the macro edit page, under Available for, select "Agents in group"
  3. Start typing a name of a group, and matching groups will appear. After you choose one, you can start typing the name of the next group, and select it too.
  4. Keep going until you've added all the groups you want to share the macro with:


The main list page for your macros will display all the groups each macro is being shared with. The groups will be truncated if they exceed the width of the column -- just place your mouse over it to see the full set.

For information on adding multiple groups to macros, see Creating personal or shared macros (administrators)..

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