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I am trying to add a specific domain to my blaclist, but when I try to save, I receive the following warning: The following addresses or domains cannot be blacklisted; they are whitelisted due to association with one of your Organizations: <>. How can I resolve this error so I may blacklist this domain?


The error is being thrown because you are attempting to blacklist a domain you currently have configured in the Domains field on an organization. For this reason, the domain is whitelisted, as your Zendesk Support account will attempt to associate these users to an organization. 

If you need to blacklist the domain, you will first need to remove the domain from the Organization's profile page. 

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    What if I need to reject a specific user e-mail (that sends automatically generated content) but am fine with the general domain. Having an organization record defined by domain prevents me from blacklisting a specific user I don't want to hear from. Is there a solution to the problem?

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    I've also found a strange phenomena; I can blacklist the domain that is featured in an organization record just fine but not a specific user.

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