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  • Roman Lomakin


    What if I need to reject a specific user e-mail (that sends automatically generated content) but am fine with the general domain. Having an organization record defined by domain prevents me from blacklisting a specific user I don't want to hear from. Is there a solution to the problem?

  • Roman Lomakin

    I've also found a strange phenomena; I can blacklist the domain that is featured in an organization record just fine but not a specific user.

  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey, Roman! Can you share what happens when you attempt to blacklist an individual user by blacklisting the email address specifically?

    This should be possible, as outlined in our article on this

  • Ashley Doyle

    Jon/ anyone else still following this ticket/ anyone in general really:

    My question is similar to Roman's in that I have a whitelisted domain (whitelisted by being mapped to an organisation), but have 2 users from that domain that need to be blacklisted.

    The linked to article has a section outlining how to do this titled "Approve a domain, but reject specific email addresses and domains within it" - however I have followed these instructions and still get the "The following addresses or domains cannot be blacklisted; they are whitelisted due to association with one of your Organizations: <>" warning.

    How can we fix this?

  • Andre Kellmann

    This issue is not solved yet.


    A domain like t-online is used in several organisations. It is not possible to add a specific user with this domain to blacklist. 

    "The following addresses or domains cannot be blacklisted; they are whitelisted due to association with one of your Organizations: <>"

    The reject- or suspend-function do not work either.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    This is a problem that is created by Zendesk's partial functionality in this area, IMHO.


    While you do allow to blacklist mail domains for tickets arriving by mail, you allow the entry of a mail address in a chat or web widget, but do not honor the blacklist for mail domains for tickets not arriving by mail.

    To counter that problem, we created an organization Spammers which contains - you certainly guessed it - all mail domains of our beloved spammers, and assigns a tag t_spam to all tickets from those sources.

    We use a trigger to solve these tickets, as we are unable to close them outright from a trigger.

    This scheme, however, also makes the mail channel only blacklist void with the message in the title.


    So, Zendesk, please complete your functionality in these areas.


    Thank you!


    @Roman Lomakin:

    You can have Zendesk add a tag like t_spam (ticket is spam) from the user's entry in your directory. 

    That tag you can use in a trigger which sets the ticket to solved. 

    The API allows for more drastic solutions, or you can use a trigger / automation combo to get things done in a 24h time frame.


    @Jon Daniels:

    The problem is that these users are generated automatically. You will never keep up with them if you cannot just close out tickets of a complete domain.


    @Andre Kellmann:

    Welcome to the world of Zendesk, where some customer inputs are handled very quickly, and some end up in the NITFE bin (No Intention To Fix Ever).

    You can use the scheme I outlined for Roman above to create a temp fix for your problem.




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