When creating a view or automation, does the condition Ticket: description... only apply to the first comment in the ticket? Follow



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    Pedro Rodrigues

    I'm having a problem here. When creating a view for a specific expression, I only find 22 tickets.

    If I do a description:"expression" search, Zendesk tells me there are 2,000+ tickets (results match what I want).

    So is there a way for me to export all tickets where Comments include the expression, not just the "Description" (as defined above)?

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    Simone Pace (Edited )

    I would like to have this feature too!

    There is "Ticket: Comment text..." available for triggers, should be nice to have it also for views and automations

    Thank you

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    Pedro Rodrigues

    Come to think of it, why not have both -- Comments and Description -- all around?

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