Can I increase the number of displayed views?

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  • Steven

    @Christopher Reichle spot on. I'm still subscribed to this thread since I'm genuinely interested if they will ever implement this feature, after requesting it myself over two years ago. We made the switch to a different competitor about 1,5 years ago and it was honestly the best decision I've done for my team and my own sanity. It's really mind boggling that Zendesk decided to straight up ignore feedback threads like this and tries to market itself as a company who understands great CX. 

    My advice; ignore your own sunk cost fallacy and bite the bullet to switch sooner than later. You're only putting more time and $$$ in a sinking ship. 

  • Sadie Sumner

    @Christopher Reichle, I'm just as unhappy about the 12 views as you and everyone else on this thread, but I did want to point out that there's a cc option.  I only became aware of this at the beginning of covid when we reached out to Zendesk to downgrade.  It's been a great tool to have with a limited team with everyone working from home.  I'll attach a screenshot of what this looks like.  It's called the 'enhanced CCs and Followers feature'.  The cc is easy to see/understand, and a 'follower' is a bcc.  I'd reach out to your account manager to inquire! 

  • Sandro Franchi

    Steven could you let us know your new vendor and about the process to migrate from your previous ZD setup?

  • Christopher Reichle

    @Sadie Sumner Thanks for the info on the CC and Followers feature. I have seen that but that is not really the issue that was brought up. The basis of the feature request was the ability to add an organization contact or manager as cc to all tickets. The trigger email feature is restricted to emailing agents. I have a work around in place that I can deal with because I only need to set this up for a small number of clients. You can create a trigger to email targets to manually CC a designated manager but setting up the CC on new tickets automatically requires a trigger to a url/https targets to add a placeholder containing email address as CC on target. And there are issues with that work around. Below is the article open since 2009, 16 pages long. There are 5 or 6 other similar articles. I was able to cobble something together from the user posts in this and other articles. If you want to see just how bitter, frustrated and hopeless people can get, have a read. You can literally see people turn over the years of being ignored.


  • Lee KB

    Steven Sandro Franchi in addition to sunk cost fallacy there's also the "devil you know" effect ... I'm sure that keeps a lot of people tied to their (zen)desk. 


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