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    Chris Chapman

    Kate, how does forwarding the calls from ZT to the VOIP phone work with analytical reports/insights?

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    Dennis Lynn

    Hey Chris! 

    When you transfer the call out of the Zendesk system using agent forwarding, you will still have call data for everything prior to the call leaving the Zendesk Talk system. The same is true if a call leaves the Zendesk Talk system when an IVR selection terminates to an external number. There may still be a customer leg that can be tracked in Insights and there will still be a call ID, as well as any user information associated with the call while it was in the Zendesk Talk system, but again there will be no data related to the call after it is transferred out of the Zendesk Talk system.

    For more information on the Talk objects you can use in Insights, as well as their definitions, I've included our object reference here as well:

    Insights object reference

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    Chi Peng

    Kate, have you tested Zendesk Talk with Polycom VVX "hardware" phones? Here is Twilio's Configuration guide:

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    Spencer Scott

    Kate, if you have an existing VoIP phone system and don't want to use Zendesk Talk I recommend looking into third party applications like Loup (, Tenfold (, or gUnify ( These apps have built integrations into a wide variety of CRMs and hosted VoIP phone systems. 

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