Filtering on reports for light agent-created tickets

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  • Pedro Rodrigues

    What if we have dozens of Light Agents? Is there any unique identifier in GoodData or Explore that allows us to find them all? If not, I suppose the best practice is to add all of them to an Organization?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Pedro,

    You are correct and the best option would be to add each of these light-agents to the same organization. Unfortunately there's no identifier within Explore or GoodData that will differentiate a light-agent from a regular agent on your account.

    Let me know if you have any other questions for me :)

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi Brett, thanks for the confirmation! I realize we can manually search all users with a given role, but it's not possible to select all, and bulk edit them (while in advanced search, I mean, eg. brand:"Brand 1" role:"Light Agent"), unfortunately... I went ahead and added the feature request Super Advanced Search: bulk select and edit users + select ALL + export :-)

  • Nick Burger

    Hi guys, just wondering - for reporting purposes, if the following happens:

    1. "Light Agent XYZ" is logged in as Role=Light Agent

    2. Creates a ticket on behalf of a Customer on the phone, with private comments

    3. Inserts the customer email address in the "Requester" field

    Is the best way to report on Light Agent request, by Light Agent role? Or is there another way?


  • Kyle Jones

    Hey there Nick,

    Role would be the best way to filter this, unless there were other ways you were able to categorize your light agents. Generally speaking, with the above steps you're filtering your specific light agents by name which is guaranteeing those results would be for them.

    You could try to add all these agents to the same Org or group, and use that to filter out your reports. That way you wouldn't need to select each individual agent when selecting Role.

    I hope this helps!


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