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I want to create a report that displays the number of tickets created by light agents in my account. How can I achieve this?


You will want to access GoodData to create this report.

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Insights > GoodData
  2. From the black toolbar, select Manage > Reports
  3. Select Create report.

For the report, you will want to add the following conditions. 

  • Select What and choose # Tickets Created
  • Select How and choose User role.
    • Select filter this attribute link in the far right column and choose agent
  • Select How and choose Ticket Submitter
    • Select the filter this attribute link in the far right column. Here you can choose specific light agents by name. 

You may choose to add additional metrics or attributes to include on this report. For more information, please see our Insights object reference and Insights metrics reference.

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