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    Alex Gerulaitis (Edited )

    Inlines images together with"Require authentication to download" - available with markdown - but not rich content? Why?

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    Amie Brennan

    Hi Alex,

    At present inline images are not suitable to work with the required authentication to download feature, as it would defeat the purpose of requiring the user to login before being able to view/download the image if it's automatically displayed to them. Hope this helps with your query on this. :)



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    Kirsty Morris

    Hi there,

    Previously markdown allowed inline images even with the authentication required, if images were hosted outside of Zendesk, which suited our needs just fine as we do need authentication on for all downloads, so we were willing to make the few extra clicks to make it work.

    It's likely that we'll choose to revert back from the WYSIWYG editor if this isn't available, as we do need inline images.

    Are there any plans to address this at this time?



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    Theo Drakakis


    Hi There,

    Ive had a look at the settings however I do not get the option "Require authentication to download" within the Attachments section (See below) . In the past I was able to send inline images but now it doesn't appear in my tickets. Is there another setting i need to look at?


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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi TheoDrakis,

    The option"Require authentication to download" won't appear if your Help Center hasn't been activated.

    Check to make sure you still have Rich Content enabled in: Admin > Settings > Tickets > Comments.

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    Theo Drakakis


    Rich text is enabled in my zendesk instance. But not able to place inline images. 

    What do you mean by Help Centre not being activated? 


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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Theo!

    She means that you need to have your Help Center published and visible to the public for that option to appear. If you're still in set-up mode, it won't show up.

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    Darren B

    Hi Jessie,

    I'm new to Zendesk, so working through enabling all the tools the company will require moving forward, but to me this seems a little odd. 

    I simply want to include an image in a ticket back to a customer, (originating from a Facebook message) why do I need to have a public help centre set up to do this? 
    Very frustrating.  I've just spend half an trying to find where Require authentication to download resides, to find out it won't be anywhere unless something else is done as a prerequisite.

    It can't be that complicated, I must be missing something.  Help.



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    Brad Ladwig

     Hi Darren!  Sorry to hear you are having a frustrating time adding inline images. :-/  I'm going to reach out to you directly via ticket so we can over your account specific information.  Keep an eye on your inbox!

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