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    Collin Cunninghame

    I do not see "Reorder" as an option when editing a form under Admin > Manage > Ticket forms.

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    Jamie Danjoint

    It's not easy to see (just like the add field link). The Reorder is at the bottom right:


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    Collin Cunninghame (Edited )

    @Jamie Thanks, though that's Admin > Manage > Ticket fields, not the Admin > Manage > Ticket forms page also mentioned in the post.

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    Christopher Hanson

    Hey Collin,

    In order to reorder ticket fields on a specific ticket form you will want to navigate to Admin > Manage > Ticket form and select the desired form. With the form open, you will be able to reposition ticket fields by using the drag and drop method. You are correct that there is not an option to Reorder on this page. I have updated the article to reflect this and apologize for the confusion.

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    Tomasz Miłek


    I have a problem related to the fields order and conditional fields.

    I want to have a mandatory field - Description- displayed below the conditional drop-down menu.

    I did change the order using "Reorder", but systems fields are still displaying above.
    See the comment about reordering custom fields above a system, but the code did not work for me.

    Is there any other, easier solution for this?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Tomasz!

    When you re-order the fields within the user interface, the system fields will always show above the custom fields; that's expected behavior.

    With regard to the JS code in the tip you linked, the author mentioned in this comment that changes we've made to Help Center has made it so the code as originally provided won't work, but she provides a method for finding which elements need to be changed!

    If you have further questions, I'd encourage to post them on that post and I'll see if I can get Andrea to help you out. :)

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    Alex Squicimari (Edited )

    So, you are telling me I have to be a Developer to be able to re-arrange a custom ticket field?????????

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