Conditional Fields app: What you need to know BEFORE you edit, or remove ticket fields Follow



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    Dwight Bussman

    I was even more worried there for a moment. The arrow in your after screenshot example covers up the "Product" field - I thought the indexing had somehow been broken and would remove subsequent fields, too.

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    Dr. J

    Good point!  😉 

    Nice spot — rest assured, that was fine.

    #EagleEye #JustKeepingYouOnYourToes

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    Wouldn't it be ideal if when making changes with this set of impact scenarios, that a pop up modal presented these consequences and asked for confirmation?

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    Dr. J

    One quick update, friends — as above, please be very careful if you are an Enterprise customer, and have referenced a Brand in your Conditional fields (or a field tied to a brand), please be sure to:

    1. Scour your rules for references to that brand
    2. Remove any rules/references
    3. Regenerate your Conditional fields code
    4. Re-edit/publish your Help Center
    5. Remove the brand

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