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    Dwight Bussman

    I was even more worried there for a moment. The arrow in your after screenshot example covers up the "Product" field - I thought the indexing had somehow been broken and would remove subsequent fields, too.

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    Dr. J

    Good point!  😉 

    Nice spot — rest assured, that was fine.

    #EagleEye #JustKeepingYouOnYourToes

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    Wouldn't it be ideal if when making changes with this set of impact scenarios, that a pop up modal presented these consequences and asked for confirmation?

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    Dr. J

    One quick update, friends — as above, please be very careful if you are an Enterprise customer, and have referenced a Brand in your Conditional fields (or a field tied to a brand), please be sure to:

    1. Scour your rules for references to that brand
    2. Remove any rules/references
    3. Regenerate your Conditional fields code
    4. Re-edit/publish your Help Center
    5. Remove the brand
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    Marci Abraham

    I'm embarking on this "conditional fields" journey, and stopped here to read the warnings. We do have brands, and I'm curious about Dr. J's comment. Do those steps only apply if your intent is to REMOVE a brand? Or some other case to be aware of?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Marci!

    This is actually referencing the removal of custom ticket fields. If any of your custom fields are specific to one of your brands, you'll need to take Dr. J's additional steps in consideration if you want to remove them.

    I hope that clears things up!

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    The conditional fields app is not working for me AT all. Can someone help me troubleshoot?


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