End-users are unable to mark tickets as solved in the Help Center Follow

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Issue Symptoms

The option Mark as solved is no longer available for end-users in the Help Center.


Must be on at least a Team plan.


The option for end-users to mark their tickets as solved under My Activities is only available under the following conditions:

  • Ticket type cannot be "Problem", it must be a "Question", "Task" or "Incident".
  • The ticket must be assigned to an agent.

If the ticket in question meets the above conditions, then it is possible that the code for this feature may have been removed as part of some custom coding.

To re-add the code, an admin must navigate to Help Center > Customize Design > Edit Theme > Request Page and re-add the default code (find the code attached):



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    I agree with the Problem criteria but not the assignment. What if a customer puts a ticket in and realizes it is fixed or wants to cancel the request. Can this is modified for this condition 

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    Hey Sean!

    Zendesk is set up so that a ticket can't be marked as Solved unless it's assigned to agent. That being the case, it's not possible to modify the condition, even for the situation you describe above.

    In the event that a customer wants to cancel a support request, they would need to submit a comment on the ticket to that effect. Then your agents would need to assign the ticket to someone and solve it from there.

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