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The Zendesk Support mobile notification service allows you to configure your notification preferences. When a Zendesk event occurs, a mobile push notification is sent based on the event type, user settings, and registered devices.

You can update the Notifications list by pulling from the top of the screen.

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Configuring notifications

You can configure the type and frequency of the notifications displayed on your Notifications screen, by updating items on Settings screen of the app.

To configure your notifications

  1. iOS users: Tap the Settings icon () in the toolbar to open the Settings screen.

    Android users: Open the left navigation menu, then tap the Settings icon () to open the Settings screen.

    iOS Android
  2. Tap the toggle buttons to turn on the notification types as needed:
    Option You'll receive a notification when...
    Enable notifications (Android only) ...if On, in alignment with the options below.

    ...if Off, you will not receive any notifications.

    All new tickets ...a new ticket is created for the subdomain you are logged into via the mobile app.
    Tickets assigned to me ...a ticket is assigned to you.

    ...a ticket that is assigned to you has a new comment.

    Tickets I'm a CC on are added as a CC to a ticket.

    ...a ticket that you are CC’d on has a new comment.

    My groups

    ...a ticket is assigned to one of your groups.

    ...a ticket that is assigned to one of your groups has a new comment.
  3. iOS users: Tap the options to select a notification frequency.

    Android users: Tap Notification Frequency, then select a frequency option.

    Option You'll receive a notification when...
    Always ...your phone is on and has a network connection.
    During specific hours ...Only on the days and times of day specified

    If you select During specific hours, the Specify hours screen opens. Use the options to set a schedule for your notifications:

    iOS Android
  4. Tap the check mark at the top-right of the screen to save the changes.

Viewing notifications

When you receive a notification, you can be alerted in a number of ways:

...A push notification appears on your home screen:

iOS Android

To view the ticket related to the notification

  1. Tap the notification. The app opens, and the ticket is displayed.

...A number appears on the app icon on your home screen (iOS):

To view the notifications

  1. Tap the icon to open the app.
  2. Tap the Notifications icon in the bottom toolbar.

...A red dot appears on the Notifications icon in the mobile app (iOS):

...A badge count appears on the Notifications line in the left navigation menu (Android):

To view the notifications

  1. Tap the Notifications icon in the bottom toolbar (iOS), or in the left navigation menu (Android).

Notifications are listed, newest first, on the Notifications screen.

iOS Android

To view the ticket associated with a notification

  • Tap the notification to open the ticket.

To mark all notifications for a ticket as read

  • Tap the double checkmark in the top-right corner of the screen.

Individual notifications are marked as read in any of the following ways:

  • Tap the push notification
  • Tap the notification in the Notification feed
  • View the ticket in the mobile app or via the desktop
Note: When a notification is marked as read, all other unviewed notifications for that ticket are also marked as read.
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    Would love SLA break notifications

  • 0

    Will we have notifications for potential breaches in the future?

  • 0

    We would love to provide notifications for SLA breaches, but unfortunately the SLA functionality is not set up to work with our notification service.

    The display SLA information on ticket lists and ticket details will be added in an upcoming release (1.2), but I have no estimate yet as to when we'll be able to provide push notifications.

    I will be sure to provide an update once we're able to get this onto the roadmap. Thanks!

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    I'm set to show tickets assigned to me, Tickets I'm a CC on and My groups.  Getting notifications of all ticket updates/comments Can notifications be set to show only new tickets for my group?

  • 0

    Hi Michael,

    We do not currently have an option to only get new tickets for groups. We're first working on the ability to configure for which of your groups you want to receive notifications, but this feedback is really helpful as we prioritize what is next for notifications.


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    The iOS iPad app has an annoying problem with notifications showing for "Reporting."  No matter what I do - view, pull down to refresh, etc. - the alert next to "Reporting" and the badge count number still appear.  This is distracting when I want alerts to indicate when a new ticket or an updated ticket show - and ONLY then.  

    Has this been addressed?  I am sure that the app is the latest version but this problem persists.  

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