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    Josh Dronzek

    Would love SLA break notifications

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    Jade Ryan

    Will we have notifications for potential breaches in the future?

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    Lisa Cali

    We would love to provide notifications for SLA breaches, but unfortunately the SLA functionality is not set up to work with our notification service.

    The display SLA information on ticket lists and ticket details will be added in an upcoming release (1.2), but I have no estimate yet as to when we'll be able to provide push notifications.

    I will be sure to provide an update once we're able to get this onto the roadmap. Thanks!

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    Michael Vittese

    I'm set to show tickets assigned to me, Tickets I'm a CC on and My groups.  Getting notifications of all ticket updates/comments Can notifications be set to show only new tickets for my group?

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    Lisa Cali

    Hi Michael,

    We do not currently have an option to only get new tickets for groups. We're first working on the ability to configure for which of your groups you want to receive notifications, but this feedback is really helpful as we prioritize what is next for notifications.


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    The iOS iPad app has an annoying problem with notifications showing for "Reporting."  No matter what I do - view, pull down to refresh, etc. - the alert next to "Reporting" and the badge count number still appear.  This is distracting when I want alerts to indicate when a new ticket or an updated ticket show - and ONLY then.  

    Has this been addressed?  I am sure that the app is the latest version but this problem persists.  

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    Ben Fulton

    Two notification options I would very much like:

    • Notification based on views
    • Notification based on ticket tag

    Motivation: We intend to use the app for weekend coverage of urgent tickets, and I would like a way to only be notified about tickets that have been marked as urgent by another team, either purely via a tag, or via a view that filters based on that tag.

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    Karim Tamditi

    Do you plan to have a dashboard insight (summary) on the mobile app ?

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