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    James Harvard

    I would like to see this extension return, if possible. It is very useful for our colleagues who have an agent account, but who don't live in their Zendesk browser tab the way some of us do :-)

    It's not the same, but the Zendesk Prioritizer extension, combined with a view configured to show open tickets assigned to the current user & their groups, looks like the best substitute until Zendesk re-release this.

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    Sandi King (Edited )

    I too, would love to see this return. Even though I "live" in ZD, Having the little notification pop up when another ticket was responded to allowed me to give excellent support to those I was already in conversation with in a way that the regular ZD views do not. I was very sad to migrate to a new computer and lose access to this invaluable little tool. :(

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    Joakim Ek

    Hi. Is it possible to get a hold of the plugin "as is" so to speak ? We ( me and my department ) lives in Zendesk to. I have the plugin connected to my account, but new recruits miss it. It would be a treat to get it for eveyone, even without any support. 

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    Danny Tagle

    I have the same request. Can I get the extension downloaded as it was? My department's main priority is requester wait time and the notification on the extension helps my team stay on top of new and open tickets in their name. 

    If not, do you have have a better solution to monitor tickets that are being opened? Suggestions are highly encouraged here. 

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    Joakim Ek (Edited )


    Please note that its possible to export a installed chrome-application to a crx-plugin ( chromes "app"-format ).

    And  you can run unsigned plugins today in chrome, with a simple workaround. 

    So this is doable even if ZD have pulled support for this app. 


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    Darien Allen (Edited )

    I'm surprised to hear that add on caused problems, it was a great extension. Wish I could track down the old extension from a legit to source to install on my new machine...

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    William R. Nabaza

    Zendesk Prioritizer is a good substitute but it does not show if current ticket is occupied by another agent. I would like to see that on the next upgrade/update.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    I encourage you to post your feedback in the Product Feedback topic in the Community, where our Product Managers can see it. Feedback posted on Tech Notes is not reviewed by the development teams. 

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